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Year End Checklist

CDM+ Edition

Below you will find a checklist PDF of CDM+ procedures to guide you through your year-end tasks. Use this checklist and time frames as suggestions only. Depending on the CDM+ programs you use and whether your accounting is done on a calendar or fiscal year, some items will not apply to you.

CDM+ Year End Checklist.pdf

Here is another resource you can utilize to see helpful support articles to accomplish each task. 

December/ January

ItemProgramTask DescriptionHelpful Support Articles/Videos


Set up giving funds for the new year if tracking annual pledging.


Update recurring gifts to annual funds to the new year. Use the Recurring Contributions Listing Report to find these and the Engage Tab in Giving Unit Records to change funds. Or, contact CDM+ Support to have this done in bulk.

3. Contributions

Post all contributions gifts received or postmarked by Dec. 31.

4. Membership

If desired, complete detail history of individual’s enrollments in Groups by term and date under Detail Tracking Groups List in Membership.

5. Accounting

Accrue any Invoices in Accounts Payable that should be shown as expenses on the concluding year.


Setup new budget figures under Accounting menu.


Review Vendor records marked “Receives 1099” for accuracy on payments marked * 1099 item. Make corrections as needed using the “Toggle 1099” button.


Review Employee Setup for accurate personal information and W-2 settings of all employees who were paid during the concluding year.


ItemProgramTask DescriptionHelpful Support Articles/Videos


Review Local Tax and Other Deductions for accuracy before first Pay Period in the new year.


Update as needed Employee salary and hourly rates before first Pay Period in the new year.


Update Time Off in Employee Information as needed.


Email or print/mail giving statements from Contributions or generate online statements.

5. Accounting

Reconcile your bank account(s) for December.

6. Accounting

Close the month of December.


Run necessary year-end financial reports, including the Accounts YTD Balances from January 1 to December 31 of the concluding year.


Close year; print the Closing Report.

9. Payroll

Prepare and mail the 4th quarter 941 form to the IRS.

10. Accounting

eFile or print and distribute 1099s to appropriate Vendors.


eFile or print and distribute W-2 forms; eFile or print and mail W-3 form.


ItemProgramTask DescriptionHelpful Support Articles/Videos


Create an Attendance History for the concluding year.


Archive Ledger Entries from two years prior and earlier as desired. (Optional)


ItemProgramTask DescriptionHelpful Support Articles/Videos


Create a Contributions History for the concluding year under Update Contributions; create additional Giving Histories for previous years, if not already done.


Archive Contributions detail records for two years prior and earlier. (Optional)

3. Membership

Archive selected Membership records.

CDM+ Essentials Edition

For clients using CDM+ Essentials for Fund Raising and Donor Management, please use the following checklist.

CDM+ Essentials Year End Checklist.pdf

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