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W-2 and W-3 Forms

Choose the guide that matches your configuration.

W-2 and W-3 forms can be either eFiled or printed. Both methods are equally supported, but eFiling is recommend because it:

  • Saves time on manual labor to print and prepare forms

  • Saves time and money to mail forms

  • Allows you to submit your forms early, then cancel and re-submit later with corrections if need be

  • Provides an off-site backup copy of your forms

*You may now be required to e-file depending on the nature of your organization and reporting volume. We recommend that you work with your CPA or Tax Advisor to confirm any e-filing requirements set by government agencies. 

Aatrix on macOS cannot produce a W-2C, the form used to submit corrections to a submitted W-2 form. If you have access to a Windows environment, it is recommend to generate W-2 forms using CDM+ on Windows to allow for future corrections.

If you do not anticipating needing W-2C forms or are comfortable submitting a W-2C you create manually, proceed to create W-2 and W-3 forms on macOS.

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