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Year End Tasks for Contributions

To move into a new year with CDM+ Contributions, performing some or all of these tasks will be helpful in processing and reporting contributions.

Create New Giving Funds and Pledges As Needed

At the time of your pledge campaign, create a new giving fund that covers the pledge period. After creating the giving fund, create the pledge record for the fund.

Donors who make recurring gifts to pay pledges through Engage should cancel recurring gifts to the old pledge fund and create new recurring gifts for the new funds.

Remind Online Givers to Create New Recurring Gifts

If you create new giving funds for the new year, as recommended for pledged funds, you should remind your members and donors to cancel any recurring gifts to the old giving fund and create new recurring gifts that target the new giving fund. Failure to do this will result in recurring gifts continuing to post against the previous year's giving fund. You will need to update manually any online contributions posted to the previous year's giving fund.

Post All Contributions for the Year

Enter and post all contributions received for the year. These are contributions that are received or postmarked by December 31.

Email Giving Statements

Once all contributions have been entered and posted for the year, email contribution statementsto giving units that have the Email Statement box checked and will receive statements by email.

Print and Mail Giving Statements

For giving units that choose to receive paper email statements, prepare and print the contribution statements.

Create Contribution History for the Previous Year

Contribution History in CDM+ provides the resources for understanding the stewardship of a congregation. Contribution History creates data that summarizes contributions by giving unit and by giving fund for specific time periods. Updating contribution history presents helpful data on the History tab of the Giving Unit Record and on the View Contribution History function.

After you have entered all contributions for the year and have printed contribution statements, update the contribution history in CDM+

 Watch the webinar video on Contribution History.

Archive Detail Contribution Records

If desired, you can store older contribution detail information in an archive database. Keeping older information in your database does not affect the performance of CDM+, but it is the database equivalent of moving paper information out of file cabinets and into banker's boxes where it can be referenced if needed. 

You may choose to retain the current year and some number of previous years, say two, in your active database and to store older contribution detail in an archive database. By updating contribution history, you maintain summarized information for giving over long periods.

If you choose to archive older data, run your archive after updating the contribution history.

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