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Getting Started with Event Registration

CDM+ Event Registration can record registrations for any type of event, conference, retreat, or camp. User-defined activities for each event are created to keep track of meals, workshops, material ordered, or any other aspect of the event. Lists, name badges, monies received and due, mailing labels, confirmation letters, and a variety of other reports and information are readily available. The total number of persons registered for an event or an activity can be quickly viewed. If a workshop or meal can only accommodate a limited number of registrations, the program can prompt you when such a limit is reached.

Registrations can be tied to individuals in CDM+ Membership or be maintained independently of the individual records. Tying registration entries to the main CDM+ Membership database allows you to have a history of events in which someone in the organization has participated. The latter option allows the user to enter registrations to an event for persons you do not wish to have in the main Membership database. An event can have both types of registrations.

You can follow this checklist below to help manage your event.

  • Think through all of the details of your event. Date, time, location, activities, etc.
  • Work with your team to determine branding and marketing pieces you will use throughout your event.
  • Take all of these gathered details and create an Event Record. When creating this record, always think “with the end in mind.” What information do you want to add so you can gather it during registration?
  • Create the Event Notice you’ll use for your Event Confirmation notice.
  • If you want to accept online registrations, set up your Single Event Registration through Web Ministry Tools.
  • Add any manual registrants through the Registration Entry window.
  • Begin creating Name Badges for your attendees if using.
  • Determine if you want to send out any follow-up notices or send out a mailing.
  • Run reports such as the Master List, Activity Report, and/or create a custom report to see the details coming in from your registrants.
  • Use the reports to manage the details of your event day of.
  • Send out a follow-up notice or mailing after the event.
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