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Single Event Registration Tool

The Single Event Registration Tool is a Premium Tool. You must have the Event Registration program to use it.

The Single Event Registration Tool lets people register for an event, enroll in activities for the event, and pay registration fees online with a credit or debit card or a bank account transaction (requires Stewardship Technologies merchant account).

Each tool is set up for registration to a single event, although that event can have multiple activities, each with its own fee. If you have multiple events, you'll need separate tool for each event. In the CDM+ program and WMT, you may have an unlimited number of tools active at one time.

The Single Event Registration Tool links to an event in your CDM+ Event Registration program. You may optionally link it to your CDM+ Membership records during set up.

Set up your event and associated activities in CDM+ Event Registration BEFORE you create the WMT Single Event Registration Tool. If you wish to send a confirmation email to the participant upon completion of the registration, create the Notice in CDM+ before you begin.

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