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Payroll Direct Deposit in CDM+

Payroll direct deposit as a native function from within CDM+ is available for anyone enrolled in a SAAS or Cloud plan.

The direct deposit feature in CDM+ allows the user to schedule and transmit payroll directly to an employee's bank account(s). Payroll is calculated normally. Instead of printing checks, a transmittal is created that will electronically transfer funds from the organization's bank account to the employee’s account(s).

To use the direct deposit feature in CDM+ Payroll, a merchant account with our electronic transaction processor, Stewardship Technology, must be established. CDM+ users who already have an account with Stewardship Technology must submit a one-page addendum, along with copies of three recent bank statements, in order to use this feature. To apply for a Stewardship Technology account or for the payroll direct deposit addendum, please contact CDM+ Sales at 1-877-891-4236.

Setup Preferences required for Direct Deposit

Turn on Direct Deposit

After you've received confirmation that your merchant account for Payroll Direct Deposit is created, you will need to configure your system to use Payroll Direct Deposit.

  1. In CDM+, go to CDM+ → Preferences → CDM+ System (macOS) or File → Preferences → CDM+ System (Windows)
  2. Click the Payroll tab
  3. Select Direct Deposit
  4. Click Save

Enter the Asset Account to be used in Direct Deposit

To finish, you need to select the asset account you want Direct Deposits to come out of.

  1. Go to CDM+ → Preferences → CDM+ System (macOS) or File → Preferences → CDM+ System (Windows)
  2. Make sure you're on the General tab
  3. Scroll to, and click on, the SST tab
  4. Click on the icon next to Asset Account
  5. In the new window, select the account
  6. Click OK
  7. Back on the System Preferences window, click Save


If you do not do this, and you click on Direct Deposit Processing, you will get an error message similar to this:

Enter the Fee Account to be used in Direct Deposit

In System Preferences, choose the General tab, then click on the SST tab to enter your expense account numbers for any fees associated with the payroll direct deposit transactions. If this has not been provided, you will be prompted to add it.

Setting up Users to access Direct Deposit

Now you need to allow yourself, (and other users,) access to Direct Deposit, otherwise, it will appear greyed out in the Payroll menu.

  1. Go to File → Administration
  2. Make sure you're on the Users tab
  3. Click on the user you wish to give access to
  4. Under Payroll, select User can access Direct Deposit Processing
  5. Click Save

Employee Setup

Accounts Tab

After the direct deposit feature is activated in CDM+, an accounts tab will appear on the Employee Information window. Enter the employee's bank account information on this tab. 

CDM+ provides for multiple deposits from one payroll. If an employee wants some funds to be distributed to a savings account and the remainder to go into a checking account, then two lines would be entered on this tab. Splits can be done on a flat rate or a percentage basis.

If there is no split, then the amount would be left zero so all funds will be deposited into the account listed.

If multiple splits are needed, then the amount for at least one account should be left blank. The amount remaining after the specified deposits are made would be deposited to the account with the blank amount. In the example above, CDM+ would deposit $500 from each payroll to the employee's savings account (amount specified) and the remainder to checking (the amount left blank).

Be very careful that you have entered your employee's banking information correctly. CDM+ will validate the bank routing number, but it cannot validate an account number. Also please note, the name on the bank account entered must match the employee’s name. Most banks will reject transactions if this information does not match. A return fee will be assessed if the bank rejects the ACH transaction.

Setup Tab

Under the setup tab, there is a check box for Auto Draw. Auto Draw must be checked when using payroll direct deposit. If you need to create a payroll check for someone who ordinarily uses direct deposit, then uncheck this box either before payroll is generated or on the View Payroll window.

When Direct Deposit is activated and Auto Draw is checked, the payroll calculated will not be available in the print checks window. If you want to print a payroll check stub after a direct deposit has been transmitted, then check the Print Check Stub box. If the employee would rather get payroll information through Engage Payroll, leave this box unchecked.

Other Required Information

When a direct deposit is scheduled, CDM+ will check the employee records for certain required information:

  • Complete address information
  • Account information under the accounts tab
  • Chart of Accounts numbers for all pay items included under the deductions and liabilities tab

Scheduling a Direct Deposit 

After creating your payroll, choose Direct Deposit from the Payroll menu. 

There are two buttons on the left of this window, Drafts and Transmitted. When the window is first opened, the Draft view is opened.

If payroll is scheduled but has not been processed, click Add Direct Deposit. Enter the date that you want the funds to settle in the employee’s account. CDM+ will validate that the date entered meets these criteria. Please be aware of banking holidays that may affect this schedule when needing to schedule your transmittal. Direct deposit can be transmitted up to one year in advance.

Your direct deposit must be scheduled by 2 PM ET two banking days before you want the funds to settle in the employee’s account.

The unprocessed payroll will be shown with a status of "Not yet transmitted."

Click on the line to see the details. To cancel a scheduled Direct Deposit, click on Delete Direct Deposit at the bottom of the window.

Transmitting a Direct Deposit Payroll

After entering a valid date then a list of available payrolls will be displayed on the left. 

To schedule all of the payroll items, activate the radio button next to the word All.  The list will be moved over to the To be Scheduled list.

You can schedule payroll for different dates by double-clicking on a single payroll line or shift-clicking to select multiple lines and clicking on the Selected option only.

You can also see the details of the payroll accounts by clicking on a payroll and selecting Details. Jump buttons to the view payroll window and the employee window will also activate when a payroll line is selected. 

If changes to the payroll or employee setup need to be made after a payroll is calculated and before being transmitted, then simply make the changes and the direct deposit record will be updated accordingly.

If you need to generate a payroll check for a payroll marked for direct deposit, then open the View Payroll window and uncheck the Auto Draw checkbox. The payroll does not need to be deleted and re-calculated.

When you are ready to transmit the payroll direct deposits to your employee's bank accounts, click Transmit Deposit on the bottom right of the window. A new window will appear to confirm the deposit date and total amount of the payroll. Click OK.

A posting report will be generated after the transmittal. To view the posting report prior to the transmittal, click Posting Preview.

CDM+ will verify that all employee information is complete. If something is missing, a window will appear indicating what needs to be fixed. Click on Employee to jump easily to the employee's record and enter any missing information. Once all information is complete, you will be prompted to continue with the transmittal.

Once a Payroll has been transmitted, it cannot be undone.

View Transmitted Payrolls

If the Transmitted button is selected, then a history of all direct deposit transmittals will be displayed. By selecting a transmitted deposit, the details of that transmittal will be displayed. Payroll stubs can be generated from the Transmitted list. 

Posting Payroll to the Ledger

Payroll is posted into the ledger as a part of the direct deposit transmittal process. There is not a separate step to post payroll.

The payroll posted into the ledger will appear as a single transaction, and it will include any fees assessed by Stewardship Technology. When you are ready to complete a bank reconciliation, you will see a single amount in the ledger for the payroll transaction. This should match the amount on your bank statement.

Please note that funds will be withdrawn from the organization's account one banking day prior to the funds settling in the employee’s bank account(s).

Here is a sample Payroll Posting Report for a payroll direct deposit transmittal:

After a payroll direct deposit is transmitted and posted, the details of that transmittal will appear in the Payroll Records window. A unique transaction id will be displayed. Once transmitted, the payroll cannot be voided.

Printing Payroll Check Stubs

Once the payroll has been transmitted, payroll stubs can be generated from the Transmitted tab. To set up a payroll stub option, go to the Payroll setup window from the Payroll menu (see the Checks page in Payroll Setup). Click on the Checks tab and choose a format for your check stub.

CDM+ will only print payroll check stubs for those employees with the Print Check Stub option selected on the employee record (see above).

From the Transmitted tab, select the payroll for which you wish to print check stubs, and click on Print All to the right under Check Stubs. If you do not wish to print all paycheck stubs, clicking on an employee's name will activate the Print Selected option.

Stewardship Technology Credentials

When an account is created, the unique merchant and employee information is entered into CDM+ and is visible from the System Preferences window. Suran Systems will populate this information into your database when the payroll direct deposit feature is activated. If there is a problem validating this information, you will be notified when opening the payroll direct deposit window. If you get an error message, then contact Suran Systems immediately at 800-633-9581. You must be connected to the internet to schedule and transmit a payroll.

Deposit Schedule

Funds will be withdrawn from the organization's bank account one business day before the day you scheduled payroll to be deposited into employee accounts.

Funds are transmitted to your employees' bank accounts on the day you scheduled.

Withdrawals and deposits are usually processed by 5 a.m. ET. Some banks may process these transmittals at different intervals. Generally, you should see these transactions early in the day.


If the account entered is incorrect or if the employee's bank rejects the ACH transaction, it will take 2-3 banking business days for those funds to be returned to Stewardship Technology. The amount of the payroll deposit will then be placed back into your account, and a return fee will be assessed. You will be notified that a return has occurred.

When there is a return:

  • Pay the employee with a check from Accounts Payable
    • Exclude this invoice from 1099s
    • Debit an accounts payable liability account or the general fund account directly
  • Record a ledger entry for the funds deposited back into your account
    • Debit your bank account 
    • Debit an expense account for a $10 return fee 
    • Credit the accounts payable liability or general fund used for the employee check
  • Update the employee record with a correct bank account number

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