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Payroll Direct Deposit Setup

Payroll direct deposit as a native function from within CDM+ is available for anyone enrolled in a SAAS or Cloud plan.

The direct deposit feature in CDM+ allows the user to schedule and transmit payroll directly to an employee's bank account(s). Payroll is calculated normally. Instead of printing checks, a transmittal is created that will electronically transfer funds from the organization's bank account to the employee’s account(s).

To use the direct deposit feature in CDM+ Payroll, a merchant account with our electronic transaction processor must be established. Please contact CDM+ Sales at 1-877-891-4236 or for steps on how to get this established.

Turn on Direct Deposit

After you've received confirmation that your merchant account for Payroll Direct Deposit is created, you will need to configure your system to use Payroll Direct Deposit.

  1. In CDM+, go to CDM+ → Preferences → CDM+ System (macOS) or File → Preferences → CDM+ System (Windows)


  2. Click the Payroll tab, select Direct Deposit, and click Save.


Enter the Asset Account to be used in Direct Deposit

To finish, you need to select the asset account you want Direct Deposits to come out of.

  1. Go to Program CDM+ EngageSettings.

  2. Click Merchant from the left sidebar.


  3. Use the drop-down field under Asset Account to select the asset account you want to record.


  4. Next, use the drop-down field under Expense Account to record where you want to record the payroll fees.


  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom right-hand corner.


Setting up Users to access Direct Deposit

Now you need to allow yourself, (and other users,) access to Direct Deposit, otherwise, it will appear greyed out in the Payroll menu.

  1. Go to File → Administration.


  2. Make sure you're on the Users tab on the left sidebar. Click on the user you wish to give access and scroll to the Payroll section. Put a check in the box to select, User can access Direct Deposit Processing and Save your changes at the bottom right-hand side of the window.


Employee Setup for Direct Deposit

  1. After the direct deposit feature is activated in CDM+, an Accounts tab will appear on the Employee Information window. To get to this window go to ProgramPayrollEmployee Records.


  2. Select an employee and click on the Accounts tab.


  3. To add a direct deposit bank account for an employee, click Change from the left sidebar.


  4. Next, click Add. You’ll see a row appear and you can enter the employee’s bank account information.


  5. CDM+ allows for multiple deposits from one payroll. If an employee wants some funds to be distributed to a savings account and the remainder to go into a checking account, then you can click Add again to add another bank account. Splits can be done on a flat rate or a percentage basis. If there is no split, then the amount would be left zero so all funds will be deposited into the account listed.

    If multiple splits are needed, then the amount for at least one account should be left blank. The amount remaining after the specified deposits are made would be deposited to the account with the blank amount. Save all your changes in the upper left-hand corner.

  1. Be very careful that you have entered your employee's banking information correctly. CDM+ will validate the bank routing number, but it cannot validate an account number. Also please note, the name on the bank account entered must match the employee’s name. Most banks will reject transactions if this information does not match. A return fee will be assessed if the bank rejects the ACH transaction.


It’s important to setup a good process to add or change an employees payroll direct deposit bank account. We recommend that you require a form that the employee signs to make a change. We recommend that you never change a bank account for an employee based on an email that you may receive as this is a common scam practice.

Setup Tab

  1. Next click the Setup tab. Here there is a check box for Auto Draw. Auto Draw must be checked when using payroll direct deposit. Please note that when Direct Deposit is activated and Auto Draw is checked, the payroll calculated will not be available in the print checks window. If you want to print a payroll check stub after a direct deposit has been transmitted, then check the Print Check Stub box. After payroll has been transmitted you can go back to the Direct Deposit window and select the Transmitted tab, then select the payroll to print pay stubs. If the employee would rather get payroll information through Engage Payroll, leave this box unchecked.


Other Required Information

When a direct deposit is scheduled, CDM+ will check the employee records for certain required information:

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