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Engage Organization Settings

The Organization settings configure accessing and branding Engage for your organization.

Engage can display a custom logo for your organization. This logo will appear:

  • On the Organization Directory
  • On your Engage login page
  • When using Engage
  • On email notifications from Engage

You can upload virtually any type of image file. Recommended settings are:

  • PNG, JPG, or GIF
  • Square dimensions
  • 512px by 512px or smaller (at least 196 x 196, then it will resize as needed)

To upload a logo:

  1. Click Upload
  2. Choose your image
  3. Click Select or OK

To clear your custom logo click Use Default.


Enter your organization's name. This will appear:

  • On the Organization Directory
  • On your Engage login page
  • When using Engage
  • On email notifications from Engage

Website URL

Enter the URL of your organization's website. This is different from your organization's Engage website and when clicked it will take website users back to your website.

CDM+ Engage URL

The CDM+ Engage URL determines how visitors will access your Engage account. A URL should:

  • Contain letters, numbers, and dashes
  • Be brief and easy to remember
  • Uniquely identify your church or organization
  • Be unique across all CDM+ clients who use Engage.

Simply enter a URL to set it.

Existing bookmarks and links will break if you change the URL. If you have already published your Engage URL be prepared to communicate the new URL to anyone who might have your previous URL saved.

You can also use the following buttons:

  • Copy to copy the URL so you can paste it into your web page so when clicked it will take the web user to the Engage Giving page.
  • Embed HTML to copy a URL so you can embed the Engage Giving page into your existing web page.
  • QR Code to download a QR code that will open your Engage account.

Email Sender Name

Enter the email sender name that will be displayed on all email notifications.

Reply-To Email Address

Enter the email that will be the reply-to for all email notifications.


By default your organization will appear in the Organization Directory, and can be searched for by name. If you do not want your organization published, check Do not publish my organization.


Be sure to save your changes when you are ready. Click Discard Changes to revert to the previously-saved changes.

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