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Publishing and Promoting Engage

Engage Links 

There are several links to your organization's Engage account:

Each of these links is available in Administration.

Links include a button to download a QR Code and a button to copy the link to the clipboard.

This link can be used for members to log into the People, Payroll, and other areas of Engage. Consider add it to your organization's website as a top-level menu item under LOGIN  or Engage.

Engage Giving

If you have one giving set, this link will let you make a gift to that set.

If you have multiple giving sets, this link will let you choose your set. After choosing a set, you can make gifts to that set.

This link is ideal to put on a page for giving or as the target of a top-level GIVE menu item or button.

Giving Sets

Each giving set has a unique link. Use this link to direct givers directly to the set. This link is ideal when promoting giving to a specific designation or cause.

How to promote Engage 

Links and QR Codes

Use the links and QR Codes to direct members and guests to Engage. Consider providing these links and QR codes through:

  • Your website

  • An email blast

  • Posters

  • Bulletins

  • Pew cards

  • Newsletters

  • Giving Envelopes

  • A custom mobile app

Along with these links, we've provided a number of videos and written documentation you can share.

Engage Giving Downloadable and Customizable Flyers

You can customize these Engage flyers and re-distribute them within your organization. 

The Giving Only and Giving and Text-To-Give Flyers have fillable fields under Access Engage and Text-To-Give when you can add your own custom Engage URL and text giving number using (macOS), Adobe Reader, or other software for working with PDFs. 

After filling them out, print the flyers to a new PDF or hardcopy and distribute it to promote Engage. If distributed digitally, links on the PDF will be clickable.

Giving Only Flyer

Engage Flyer.pdf

Engage Giving Only Flyer.pdf

Giving and Text-To-Give Flyer

Engage and Text-To-Give Flyer.pdf

Engage and Text-To-Give Flyer.pdf

How To Give with CDM+ Engage Giving

You can customize this Engage flyer and re-distribute it within your organization. 

The How To Give with CDM+ Engage Giving PDF and Word docx is a document touting the benefits of electronic giving with Engage instructions for your organization. Both the PDF and Word docx have areas that you can customize including space for your website url, address, logo, and more.

After editing the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Word docx in Microsoft Word, you can print the flyers to a new PDF, docx, or hardcopy and distribute it to promote Engage.

How To Give with CDM+ Engage Giving.pdf

How To Give with CDM+ Engage Giving.pdf

How To Give with CDM+ Engage Giving.docx

How To Give with CDM+ Engage Giving.docx


Getting Started with Engage

This video explains how to create an Engage login and access basic Engage features.

Engage Giving

This video walks a giver through how to make a gift in Engage.

Engage Giving Intro

This is a longer, more thorough walk-through of using Engage Giving.

Text to Give

This video shows how to make a give using Text Giving and Engage.

Adding Text Giving to your Engage Account

This video is ideal for givers who already use Engage and want to enable text giving on their Engage account.

Written documentation

We also have written documentation available for these topics:

Logging in

Making gifts

Text giving

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