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Make a Donation as a Guest

  1. Instead of logging in, click Create A Gift

  2. The New Gift screen will appear. Enter the appropriate information.

  3. The New Gift screen will appear. Enter the gift in the desired fund. You do not have to enter 0.00 for the funds you aren't giving to.

    As a Guest, you cannot change the frequency of the gift, or the default date, without logging in or creating an account. If you change either of these options, you must log in or create an account.

  4. Click Continue as Guest
  5. On the next screen, provide contact information or give annonymously


    Important Note on Anonymous Giving for CDM+ Users

    There are important differences behind the scenes between giving as a guest or giving anonymously. Both Guest Gifts and Anonymous Gifts use the Process Pending Gifts function in CDM+ Contributions. 

    • With a gift that is not anonymous, the entered giver name and address are passed into CDM+.
    • With an anonymous gift, the Billing name/address is NOT passed into CDM+ and the “Process Pending Gifts” process shows these as coming from an “Anonymous Giver”.

    In either case, the Process Pending Gifts function will require you to link the gift to a Giving Unit in CDM+ Contributions. You may:

    • select an existing Giving Unit
    • create a new Giving Unit
    • or use a catch-all for Non-member or Visitor Giving
  6. Click Continue
  7. The Payment Method screen will appear. The billing information defaults to the Same as Giver checkbox. If the giver unchecks this, entry boxes will appear to allow the giver to enter a different billing name and/or billing address. If the gift was anonymous, Same As Giver is not an option.

  8. Click Continue
  9. The Confirmation window will appear with a summary of the information entered. Click Submit Gift
  10. A final confirmation popup will appear. Click OK. The gift will begin processing and three dots will appear over the OK button, indicating the process is working.

  11. Once the gift has completed processing, the popup window will change. Click OK

  12. The Gift Summary window will display, providing the details of the gift and offering a Print Receipt option.

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