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Other Options as a Logged In Member

If a member has already created an account in the CDM+ Giver’s Portal, the same username and password function in Engage Giving.  Any and all stored payment accounts and recurring gift setups are available within Engage Giving. 

When logged in, opening the hamburger menu in the upper right displays several additional options.

New Gift –

Scheduled Gifts – shows two tabs – Pending/Active and Historical:

  • Pending Gifts are those that have been created but not yet processed.
  • Active Gifts are recurring gifts that have been created, have been processed at least once, and are scheduled to process again.
  • Historical Gifts are those that have been processed and will not process again.

Payment Methods – displays existing funding sources such as credit/debit cards and bank accounts which were set up for ACH transfers.  The member may add new accounts or delete existing funding sources. 

Giving History - displays a rolling 12 month history of the member’s giving. This information is retrieved from your CDM+ database for the Giving Unit associated with the Individual Record and therefore includes gifts made both in person and through online tools such as Engage Giving or the Giving Web Ministry Toolkit.

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