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Contribution Statements (Line) Email

Contribution Statements Email combines the accuracy of all CDM+ statements with the efficiency and convenience of email. You can email either format of contribution statements – line format or column choice – with the email option.

In order to use Contribution Statements Email, your outgoing email server must be set up in the Sys. Email section of General System Preferences.

Identify Giving Units for Email Statements

Two steps must be completed to identify the Giving Units that will receive Email Statements. First, on the Giving Unit record check the Email Statement box in the Giving Unit Name section. This marks the record to receive an Email statement and NOT to print a paper copy of the Giving Statement. A paper copy can still be printed by overriding this default.

Second, on the Email tab of the Giving Unit record, select the email address or addresses that should receive the Email Statement. 

Giving Unit Email Maintenance

To quickly identify multiple Giving Unit records to receive Email Statements, use Giving Unit Email Maintenance. Click Show All to display all giving units. As an alternative, you might use Advanced Find to display giving units where Inactive is unchecked. 

To mark a giving unit to receive email giving statements, check the Send box next to the giving unit code. Then check the box in the Use column next to the email address(es) that should receive the emailed giving statement.

Printing Email Statements

Select either email statement format – Contribution Statements Email or Contribution Statements Line Email – to print from the Statements/Receipts menu under Contribution Reports.

Email Statements will be created for all Giving Units marked to receive Email Statements. The report setup for Email statements is the same as for the printed statements with the addition of two tabs: Notice and Security.

On the Notice tab, click the Select/Add button to create a new Giving Statement notice email or to edit an existing Giving Statement notice. Please refer to Formatting/Editing Notices for more help.

The Security tab allows you to create a password that will be required to open the generated PDF. This adds a layer of security to private information that is included in the contribution statement. 

Set the Owner Password to prevent changes to the PDF file by anyone (recommended). Set the User Password to require the recipient to enter this password in order to view the giving statement (optional). If a User Password is utilized, some means of sharing this password with the recipients must be made; a separate email from CDM+ containing the User Password is a possibility.

When all the setup on the tabs has been completed a preview of the Email and a list of the recipients may be seen by clicking on the More Options button on the Notice tab.

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