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Changing and canceling gifts

Changing a recurring gift

Once a gift has been scheduled, you can edit any aspect of the gift by finding it on the Scheduled Gifts page and clicking Edit. Changes can be made to:

  • Amounts
  • Breakdown
  • Account
  • Memo
  • Frequency

Recurring gifts must be scheduled a minimum of one day in advance. Plan accordingly when making changes to a gift. 

Updating the expiration date on payment methods

Credit card and bank accounts can be updated in Engage by going to the Accounts page and clicking Edit.

When editing a credit card or bank account you must re-enter the full account number. You can enter a different account number than the one saved, but you cannot change the card type. For example, you can update a VISA card with a new VISA card number, but you cannot change a VISA to a MasterCard.

Recurring gifts will use the updated payment information. If a payment method for a recurring gift expires or cannot be successfully charged, the recurring gift will be cancelled.

At this time, this is no notification sent to the giver from Engage when a payment account will expire.

Updating recurring gifts for a new year's giving funds

If you track annual pledges, your general fund and other annually-pledged funds will likely change each year. Engage does not automatically update giving funds. Instead, you have three options:

  1. Notify recurring givers to the old fund they need to cancel their gift and create a new one to the new fund
  2. Update gifts to the new fund using Online Giving on Giving Unit Records
  3. Contact CDM+ support and request any recurring giving to the old fund be moved to the new fund. You will need to provide the effective date for this change

Cancelling a recurring or scheduled gift

Log into Engage and choose Scheduled Gifts from the navigation menu. Any scheduled and recurring gifts will be displayed as pending or active. Click Cancel to cancel the gift.

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