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Staffed Check-In

The Staffed Check-In window is designed to be run by church staff or volunteers. It provides a comprehensive list of all visitors and individuals in CDM+ and allows you to check them into an event using the mouse/keyboard or a barcode scanner. Staffed Check-In is the only window through which you can check out an individual or visitor. Finally, it provides administrative functions not available during Self Check-In, such as field validation, re-printing check-in reports and and changing and adding individual and visitor records. For these reasons, it is recommended you always offer one staffed check-in workstation. See this manual’s section on Check-In/Check-Out workstations for help designing your workstations.

There are several ways to begin Staffed Check-In.

  1. Click option 2 “Begin Staffed Check-In” on the Welcome window.
  2. Click the button with the check mark that says “Staffed” on the bottom of the Check-In/Check-Out Event Records window.
  3. Click the check mark or “staffed” button in the Check-In/Check-Out toolbar.

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