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Scanner Configuration

There is some initial set up of a barcode scanner that needs to be completed before it will work with Check-In/Check-Out.

If you bought your barcode scanner from CDM+, you need to perform the following steps for each Check-In/Check-Out user:
Go to the User Preferences window and click on the Check-In/Check-Out tab.
In the Barcode Scanner Terminator box, make sure Tab (ASCII character 9) is selected.
The configuration of the scanner itself is done for you when purchased through CDM+.

Also on the Check-In/Check-Out tab on the User Preferences window, you can choose whether you want the scanner window to Always show on top of the Staffed Check-In window.

When you have finished, click Save.

If you are using a scanner purchased elsewhere, you need to see the documentation that came with the scanner to configure it. When doing this, you need to turn on the following options:

  • Set mode to emulate a keyboard/wedge
  • Enable interleaved 2 of 5 (in the 2 of 5 code family)
  • Turn on the terminator. We suggest Tab, but you can use any of the ones listed in the Check-In/Check-Out tab on the User Preferences window. Just make sure your selection for the scanner is also selected on this list. This setting needs to be configured for each Check-In/Check-Out user.

Manually Entering Barcodes

A common practice when printing barcodes is to also print the ID number represented by the barcode. If you have a barcode that will not scan, you can enter that ID number via the keyboard and type the terminating character to simulate a barcode scan. To this end, it is recommended you choose a terminator that can be typed on a keyboard, such as Tab or Return/Enter.

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