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Engage People

Engage People provides your members with a live directory of your organization. Members can view and update their profile information, view other members on their address record, and see who which members share a group with them.


Profile Page

From the Profile Page, an individual can view and edit their personal information. There are three sections: Main Profile, My Info, and My Groups. Editing is...

Engage Privacy Settings

After signing into Engage, open the menu in the top right corner and click Privacy Settings. The Privacy Settings page has two sections: Profile Settings Pro...

Groups Page

From the Groups page, individuals can view: A list of groups they are a member of Information about a selected group Other members in the selected group

Viewing Individuals

To view an individual: Go to a group's page Select an individual On an individual's page you can: Send them an email. When you select an email address, it wi...

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