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Startup folder

The startup folder contains the program code and string tables. You may need to access this folder to troubleshoot a failed update.


CDM+ 10.1.7/DonorWorks 10.1.7/SUF 5.2 and later

The startup folder is located inside the Application data folder.

  1. Open the user's 104435834
  2. Open Application Support
  3. Open Suran
  4. Open the folder with the same name as your application, e.g. CDM+ or DonorWorks
  5. Open startup

CDM+ 10.1.6/DonorWorks 10.1.6/SUF 5.1 and earlier

The startup folder is located inside the Application executable bundle.

  1. Right-click or control-click the .app bundle and choose Show Package Contents
  2. Open Contents
  3. Open MacOS
  4. Open startup

The startup folder is accessed from the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder:

  1. Press the Windows key
  3. Press Enter
  4. Open the Suran folder
  5. Open the folder for your application, e.g. CDM+
  6. Open startup

Please note that this folder will be destroyed and re-created from the one inside firstruninstall in the folder containing the Application executable when installing an update.

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