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Application executable

The following is the default install location for Suran's desktop application and how to find a user's installation.

Always follow the steps to find the user's installation and don't assume they're using the default.

If you can access the program, go to the About window, then System Information. The Application Location will tell you where the application is.

Default location


Finding the application

If the user launches the application using the Dock, click and hold the icon in the Dock until a pop-up menu appear. Select Show in Finder from this menu and a window will open highlighting the application..

If the user uses an alias to open the program, click once on the alias, then select Show Original from the File menu.

Default location for CDM+ 10.0 and later

%PROGRAMFILES%\Suran\[Application Name]

For example, CDM+ running in Windows installed on C:\ is located at:

C:\Program Files\Suran\CDM+

Default location for CDM+ 9.3 and earlier

64-bit: %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Suran\[Application Name]

32-bit: %PROGRAMFILES%\Suran\[Application Name]

Finding the application  - Windows Vista and later

Right-click the shortcut the user uses to open the program and chose Open File Location.

Finding the application  - Windows XP

Right-click the shortcut the user uses to open the program and chose Properties. Click Find Target on the Shortcut tab.

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