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Using CDM+ Desktop

See the steps to install CDM+ , manage your preferences, and find helpful troubleshooting articles.


Installing CDM+

How to install CDM+ Desktop on macOS and Windows computers

Common Features

This manual section covers common features of all CDM+ programs.

System Preferences

Preferences set on the System Preferences window affect ALL users of CDM+. Go to CDM+ → Preferences → CDM+ System or File → Preferences → CDM+ System to acce...

User Preferences

User Preferences are set on a individual user basis. CDM+ will remember your settings and load them each time you log into CDM+ with your user name and passw...

File Locations

CDM+ uses a number of file locations, which are described on the following page. These locations are provided for troubleshooting purposes. Under normal oper...


How to Verify a Sending Domain How to work with a command prompt How to troubleshoot a slow program How to access hidden files in the user's home folder

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