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Error Binding Omnis Server socket appears when opening CDM+


When opening CDM+ the message Binding Omnis Server socket appears and does not close. The program never displays the usual startup windows such as Login or Setup Assistant.


Ensure there is only one copy of CDM+ running. If there is only one copy running and this message still occurs, reboot the computer.


This message can occur when:

  1. A second copy of CDM+ is launched. A single installation of CDM+ cannot be run multiple times. If you want to use multiple copies of CDM+, see How to install multiple copies of CDM+.
  2. Another instance of CDM+ crashed and didn't gracefully release a networking socket. Rebooting will clear any sockets in use.

Next Steps

If this article does not resolve the issue, see Troubleshooting errors Binding Omnis Server Socket and issues rendering logos, tabs, or find interfaces for more advanced network troubleshooting instructions.

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