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How to install multiple copies of CDM+

Installing multiple copies of CDM+ is an advanced technique and is not the recommended installation method for most users.

The recommended installation for CDM+ is a single copy of the program. See Installing CDM+ for steps on how to perform a standard installation.

However, you may wish to have separate copies of CDM+ installed reasons such as:

  • You wish to test a new version of CDM+ on a copy of your databases
  • You are a consultant or shared office that works with databases from several CDM+ clients that need to use different versions
  • You want to switch between separate databases without logging out and logging back in CDM+ 11.1 OR LATER REQUIRED

CDM+ 11.1 or later recommended

CDM+ 11.1 includes two changes to make working in concurrent copies of CDM+ possible:

  • Separate installations can be launched at the same time without encountering a settings error
  • The last accessed database will be recalled based on the path to the current CDM+ instance

When using CDM+ 11.0 or earlier, you can install and use multiple copies of CDM+, but only one copy may be used at a time. Also, all copies will recall the same database as the one most recently accessed.

It is not possible to launch and use multiple instances of the same installation Windows, even in CDM+ 11.1 or later.

Updating databases

Pay close attention when updating a database to the version you are using to install the update. Once you update a database to a new version it cannot be downgraded to an older version.

Installing multiple copies


  1. Install the desired version of CDM+
  2. Navigate to your Applications folder
  3. Duplicate the CDM+ app
  4. Give the copy a unique name, such as CDM+ 11.1
  5. If you want a standard installation, install it last using step 1 only


  1. Uninstall the software if currently installed
  2. Install the desired version of CDM+
  3. Navigate to %PROGRAMFILES%\Suran 
  4. Rename the product folder with a unique name, e.g. CDM+  → CDM+ 11.1 
  5. Open the renamed folder
  6. Right-click the program executable, e.g. CDM+ 
  7. Chose Send ToDesktop (Create Shortcut) 
  8. Rename the shortcut to include the desired name, e.g. CDM+ 11.1
  9. Use Apps & Feature to uninstall the program
  10. Repeat steps 2 - 9 for any other test versions
  11. If you want a standard installation, install it last using step 1 only

Uninstalling a copy of CDM+


  1. Navigate to your Applications folder
  2. Drag the copy of CDM+ to your Trash
  3. Go to Go Go to Folder...
  4. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Suran
  5. Click Go
  6. Find the folder with the same name as the copy of CDM+ you are uninstalling
  7. Drag that folder to the Trash


If uninstalling the main copy of CDM+, use Apps & Feature to uninstall the program. Only follow the steps below for secondary copies of CDM+.

  1. Navigate to %PROGRAMFILES%\Suran 
  2. Right-click the CDM+ folder you want to uninstall and delete it
  3. Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Suran 
  4. Find the folder with the same name as the copy of CDM+ you are uninstalling
  5. Delete that folder

Updating the installation

Core updates will update CDM+ when installed in a non-standard locations. But when installing CDM+ using a full installer, only the standard program location will be updated. If you want to update a secondary installation, delete the existing copy and re-install using the steps above.

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