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Roommate is a streamlined facility management tool with an integrated online calendar to view room and resource availability so you get the most from your rooms, inventory, and staff.


Managing Rooms

Here you define all the areas of your facility that you will wish to schedule for use. Although the term “room” is used throughout this program, you may use ...

Managing Contacts

This window allows you to enter and maintain information for contact persons for the organizations that use your facility. This would include not only group ...

Managing Resources

The Resources window is the location for the inventory of resources you will be scheduling for use in your facility. In addition to the basic description and...

Managing Events

Scheduling an Event Departments Event Schedule Rooms List Departments Filter Views Modify Views Navigating the Event Schedule Finding Events

Roommate Reports

CDM+ Roommate allows you to generate a variety of reports—Directories of Rooms, Contacts, and Resources and Event Schedules in several different formats. All...

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