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Managing Contacts

This window allows you to enter and maintain information for contact persons for the organizations that use your facility. This would include not only group leaders of your church, but also community groups who regularly meet in your facility. In addition, you may want to include professionals with whom your church deals, such as wedding coordinators and caterers.

Open the Contacts window in one of the following ways:

  1. Click on Contacts on the Welcome to CDM+ Roommate window.

  2. Click on the Contacts icon 

     on the Toolbar.

  3. Select Contacts from the Event menu.

To add a Contact, click on Add or Multi-Add at the bottom of this window.

Tab through the fields entering the appropriate information. The Notes field will appear on the Contact Directory, so it’s a good idea to list additional contact information here, such as other phone numbers.

Clicking on the e-mail icon 

 to the right of the E-mail Address field will open a blank message in your e-mail application addressed to this address.

Clicking on the MapQuest button gives a quick link to the MapQuest® web site providing a map showing the location of this address or driving directions to this address from a specified location. This feature requires a live Internet connection set to connect to the Internet when needed.

Once you are finished entering information for this room, click Save. If you are in the Multi-Add mode, you may continue adding Contacts until you click on Finish.

All the fields on this window are searchable using the Find function. See Record Window Basics for complete information on how to use Find and Advanced Find, and other capabilities of the Contacts window.

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