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Managing Rooms

Here you define all the areas of your facility that you will wish to schedule for use.

Although the term “room” is used throughout this program, you may use CDM+ Roommate to schedule more than just rooms. For example, you may wish to list the church bus or van, the preschool playground or the Prayer Garden. Don’t be limited by walls! Rooms can also be a means to track staff vacation or travel schedules. Suran Systems, Inc. uses CDM+ Roommate to manage our office calendar, and you can do the same!

Create a “Holiday” Room to track holidays in CDM+ Roommate. Schedule each holiday in this room so it will appear on your calendar and lists. For extra visual impact, mark the event as a Day Long event and give it a colorful graphic!

Open the Rooms window in one of the following ways:
1 – Click on Rooms on the Welcome to CDM+ Roommate window.
2 – Click on the open door Rooms icon

 on the Toolbar.
3 – Select Rooms from the Event menu.

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