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Setting Single Event Registration Options

After creating a new Single Event Registration Tool on the WMT website, you will be automatically directed to the Options page. To re-enter this page at any time, click Options on the right of the tool in the Tool List.

In this window you can:

  • enter or change the name of your tool
  • specify whether fields on the Attendees and Contacts windows are required, not required  or hidden
  • select the event for which the tool will register participants
  • choose whether to link registrants to CDM+ Membership records
  • select activities for which registrants can enroll - if activities are assigned categories in CDM+ Event Registration, you may group them with a category heading
  • choose a different name, if the term "Activity" doesn't apply (for example, if all the "activities" are different t-shirt sizes, you might change "Activity" to "T-Shirt Size")
  • choose whether or not the tool will take payments
  • set the mode to Live or Test (leave the tool on Test until you are ready to post it on your website)
  • set up email confirmation options for registrants and office staff
  • choose whether to allow overbooking for the event and for each activity.
  • choose whether to allow user to register multiple attendees
  • choose to show or hide the Event Summary Page
  • choose the payment types for the tool
  • set contacts options for Youth/Camp events
  • show or hide the Confirmation Page and choose whether or not to require an electronic signature
  • Enable or disable partial payment
  • show church selection drop list (CDM+ Regional version only)

Tool Name

Give your tool a name that easily identifies it in the Tools List on the Web Ministry Tools website. This is not a name that people registering for the event will see.


The First Name and Last Name fields on the Attendees window (and Contacts window for events that are marked as a Camp/Youth Event in CDM+ Event Registration) will always be required. 

For the remaining fields on the Attendees and Contacts windows, you have three options:

  • Required: The field will be marked with an asterisk (*) and must be completed before the registrant can move on to the next step.
  • Not Required: The field will display but completing it is optional.
  • Hidden: The field will not display on the window. Marking unnecessary fields as hidden will make the online registration process quicker to provide a better experience for your registrants.

Field labels can be changed in the tool's Designer.


  1. Choose the event for which you would like this tool to register participants by selecting an event from the drop down menu. The events listed here come directly from your Event Records in CDM+ Event Registration

  2. Decide whether you want the tool to link to your CDM+ Membership records by clicking the circle beside one of the following options:
    1. Do not link to membership. There will be  no link between this registration entry and the person’s record in CDM+ Membership. Registrants will be required to enter all their data.
    2. Allow link to membership, but do not require. Registrants whose information is in your membership data will not have to enter all their personal information, but more importantly, the tool will associate the registration with the individual in CDM+ Membership, allowing powerful cross-program queries. Those who are not in the database may still register. You may manually link registration records to membership at a later time.
    3. Require link to membership. Everyone who registers for the event must already be entered in CDM+ Membership.
  3. 3. Choose the activities available for registration. The activities are arranged in a table, with each activity on one line.


Activities may optionally be grouped into Categories. The activities shown here are for the event, Vacation Bible School 2014, and are grouped into four categories: Grade, Optional Activities, Required Forms and Miscellaneous (No Category Name Specified). Categories are set in the CDM+ Master Coding System and assigned to an activity in CDM+ Event Registration.

For each category, you have three heading options:

  • Display category header: This option will simply show the Category name as it is defined in the CDM+ Master Coding System in a heading above the activities in this category.
  • Don't display Category Name: Choosing this option will result in just a list of available activities with no heading
  • Display custom headers: This option allow you to enter alternate text to display in the header for a category of activities. In the example below, the header will read How many will be coming to the picnic? for the Friday Picnic activity instead of the category Optional Activities.

For each category, you may choose to limit a registrant's choice to one activity and/or force registrants to choose at least one activity. If you do not check Registrant must select at least one activity in the category, although he or she would be registered for the event, a person could click through the Activities window in your tool without registering for an activity. Checking both boxes will force registrants to choose one, and only one, activity in the category.

To include instructions for the category, simply type them in the box below Instructions:as shown below for the Friday Picnic activity. The text you enter will appear below the category header on the Activities page of your registration tool.

  • To allow registrants to enroll in an activity, click to place a check in the box in the Active column of the table. Note that you may have some activities that are for internal office use only, such as the Required Forms activity above. The purpose of this activity is for the office staff to keep track of which registrants have turned in their required medical forms. We have not made it active for online registrants to see. You may also activate or deactivate activities as registration for an event progresses. For example, if early registration discounts apply, make the activity for the discounted rate active only while it is in effect. After the discount deadline passes, activate the regular rate.   
  • The activity's price and description as it is entered in CDM+ Event Registration appear in the next two columns.
  • In the Maximum Quantity per Registrant column, you can increase/decrease the number of each activity or item each registrant may purchase or enroll in. For example, you might allow each registrant to buy up to 5 T-shirts, but they may only purchase one set of books/materials. Use the + and - buttons in this column to adjust the quantities for each activity. Putting a 1 in this field will display a checkbox for the activity. Entering any higher number will cause the tool to display a drop list from which the registrant can choose a number.
  • Next you have the capacity/overbooking column. Here you can opt to allow overbooking for an activity that has a specified capacity by placing a check in the box. If an activity does not have a set capacity, this column will say "Unlimited Capacity." Changes to capacities are made in CDM+ Event Registration; this column only allows you to opt for overbooking for each activity.
  • The Notes column allows you to indicate whether you wish to allow users to enter notes for an activity. Activity note boxes have no character limitations and are browser expandable. Notes entered here will be included on the confirmation page and in the staff notification. 
  • Finally, you can choose to have your tool display an alternate name for the Activities which you set up on the CDM+ Event Record. For example, if all the activities of an event are classes, you could enter Class. 

    The tool will automatically make the term you enter plural when necessary; you should enter the singular form.

4. To accept payments for this tool, put a check in the checkbox for Accept payments for electronic payment?.

5. Opt to send e-mail confirmation automatically following registration. Choose the e-mail registration notice to send to registrants upon completion of registration. (Create the e-mail notice in CDM+. Go to Reports→ Event Registration Reports→ Notices → Registration E-mails.)

6. Opt to send registration notifications to staff by entering e-mail addresses in the space provided. Separate addresses with commas only, no spaces. An e-mail will be sent to each staff person with an address in this field each time someone registers for the event.

7. Opt to allow overbooking for the event. Check the box if you would like to allow overbooking for the entire event. If not, make sure the box is empty. If the event has been set up in CDM+ with unlimited capacity, there will not be a box to check. 

You opt whether or not to allow overbooking for specific activities on activities table (see above).

8. If you elect to charge a processing fee  per credit card transaction, enter the amount. If you do not wish to charge a fee to the registrants, enter an amount of 0.00.

9. Choose whether users may register multiple attendees in the same session. Select your preferred option by clicking the circle to put a dot in it. Allowing users to register multiple attendees also allows them to pay for all the registrants on one transaction. When entering multiple attendees, the user may also indicate an attendee has the same address as a previously entered attendee.

10. Choose whether the tool should show the Event Summary Page. This page appears first in the sequence and provides event details prior to starting the registration process. Again, click the circle to select the desired option.

11. Choose the payment types for this tool. You may opt to only accept certain types of credit cards or ACH debiting of Checking and/or Savings bank accounts.

12. For tools linked to events designated in CDM+ Event Registration as Youth/Camp events only, you have several options for users to enter contacts. First of all, you choose whether to show the Contacts Page at all. If you do choose to show it, you can set the tool to require 0, 1 or 2 contacts.

13. Choose whether or not to show the Confirmation Page. If you elect to show it, choose whether or not to require the registrant to check the box for Electronic Signature.

14. Show Confirmation Page

15. Require Electronic Signature

16. Choose whether to allow Partial Payment. If you allow partial payment, you must specify a minimum payment amount of at least $1. To require payment in full, choose the Disable Partial Payment radio button.

14. CDM+ Regional program users only have the option of showing a church selection drop list of all churches marked as "Congregation" in their CDM+ Regional Church Records.

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