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Login Settings

For each tool you create you can choose from three levels of access security, called Login Settings. These settings can limit who can view sensitive information online by requiring users to log in with a username and password, or they can allow anyone to access non-sensitive information on your website. Login Settings give Web Ministry Tools more versatility by making it possible for each tool type to publish and/or protect sensitive or non-sensitive data.

The default Login Settings vary depending on the type of tool.

  • Event Listing, Single Event Registration and the Giving Tool for immediate gifts default to give access to everyone (Option 1).
  • Directory, Search, Stats and Current Account Balance tools default to allow access to all individuals in your CDM+ Membership database by logging in (Option 2).

The exception is the giver portal, which has only one Login option: Individuals must be in your CDM+ Membership database and must login to use the Giver Portal. They must also have a valid email address in their individual Record, and the Individual Reord must be tied to a Giving Unit. The Giver Portal stores payment information, so you cannot have a less secure login.

As a general rule, you should always review a tool's Login Settings before publishing it. Remember that each tool has its own Login Settings.

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