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Finding Data on Record Windows

CDM+ has a powerful Find feature that allows you to locate and work with the exact information you want.  This Find feature is common on all CDM+ data entry windows.

Find Results on Record Windows

The search results of your Find display in a results list in the pane just below the definition area and allow for easy navigation through your data.

Click on the Show All button to display all items in the columned results list.


Clicking Show All can take some time to display a large number (>50,000) records. Consider using a targeted find to work in record frames with a large number of records.

You may sort on a column by clicking on the header bar. Once the column header is selected, click on it to toggle the sort order between ascending and descending. See Configure for more information about setting what columns display in the Find Results List.


The field options are grouped for easier selection by headings such as Address, Individual, etc.

Select the modifier from the drop down menu at the center top arrow.

Enter the criteria in the third field and click Find or press Return/Enter. The search results appear in the results list below.

Advanced Find

To perform a more complex search, a powerful Advanced Find is included in CDM+. To access this feature click the Advanced Find button. Click here if you need help using it.

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