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Modify Views

If you need to rename a view, delete it, change its visibility or adjust what rooms and departments constitute that view, use the Modify View window. To access this window, click the Modify View button on the event schedule 


The Modify Views window will open.

At the top of the window is a list of views you either own, or are published by other users. Beneath the views list is a description of who owns the view. Buttons for renaming the current view, deleting the current view and creating a new view appear at the top of the window.

When you select a view, the rooms and departments lists update to show the rooms and departments for that view. To edit these selections, change the rooms and departments lists. When you click Save, all changes to every view are saved.

To toggle whether or not other CDM+ Roommate users may see your view, check or uncheck the Publish this view to other users option.

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