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Visitation Records

Visitation Records in CDM+ Membership  allow you to track contacts made with people in the church and can also remind you of any follow-up contacts. This helps the church to keep up with the visitation needs of the congregation and prevents staff persons from overlooking the pastoral care needs of members.

Before using Visitation, Staff and Visitation Types code should be created in the Visitation/Pastoral program in the Codes section of the Master Coding System. The codes created should answer the questions: What kinds of contacts will we track and remind with Visitation Records; and Who will be responsible for making those contacts?

The persons or groups listed in the Staff codes do not have to relate directly to CDM+ users created in Administration, although they certainly could. However, access to and reminders for specific Visitation and Pastoral Records are created and defined for CDM+ users, not the list of Staff codes.

The Visitation portion of the Membership program is designed for use with persons in your Address/Individual Records -- that is to say, members and other regular participants, not visitors to your church. Visitation of prospective members (visitors) of your church can be tracked using the Follow-Up tab on Visitor Records.

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