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Engage Payroll

Employee self-service payroll access.


Creating Employee Access

The organization will create the Engage URL (see also Using Engage) and share the link with employees. In the organization's CDM+ database, the employee's pa...

Detail by Date Paid

The first screen in Engage Payroll is a listing of recent Paid Dates with the Gross and Net pay amounts and the payroll check number or Direct Deposit transa...

Year-to-Date Summary

Clicking or tapping the four-digit year will bring up year-to-date summaries for the current or previous year. Clicking or tapping the tabs for Pay Items, Wi...

Linking an Employee to an Individual Record

In order to access Payroll History in Engage, your employees will need to create a login at the church's Engage URL. (see Using Engage for more about setting...

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