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Setting Up Engage

Administering Engage is performed from two locations:

  • In CDM+
  • Within Engage itself

You will need to configure administrators in both locations—CDM+ and Engage. 

Configure CDM+ Users

You can grant one or more CDM+ users rights to administrate Engage credentials. These CDM+ users can:

  1. Help members and other staff log into Engage
  2. Manage a donor's giving on their behalf through CDM+
  3. Processing new accounts in CDM+

Create/Verify Individual Record

The first step is to link your CDM+ user to an individual record. This individual will be used to:

  • Access Engage when administering member giving
  • Log into Engage to access administrative features

To verify or create an individual record:

  1. Log into CDM+
  2. Go to Program Membership Individual Records
  3. Ensure you can find an individual record for the CDM+ user
  4. If no individual record exists, add one

Consider creating distinct codes for staff to separate them from members/visitors:

  • Mailing Code
  • Care Group
  • Membership Code
  • Membership Status
  • User-defined Group

Configure CDM+ User

Link your CDM+ user to your individual and grant appropriate permissions.

  1. Go to File Administration
  2. Select the CDM+ user to configure
  3. Click Select Individual
  4. Find the individual for this user
  5. Click Select
  6. Check the following permissions:
    1. User can administer Engage/WMT credentials
    2. Allow user to administer member giving (see note below)
  7. Click Save

The option Allow user to administer member giving allow this CDM+ user to view, create, change, cancel gifts and make other changes to a member's giving on their behalf.

Ensure only authorized personnel are granted this permission.

Create Engage Administrator(s)

Individuals in Engage have can different roles, one of which is the Administrator role. Engage administrators can access all parts of Engage, including electronic transaction functions.

You need at least one administrator to configure Engage. You can designate additional administrators for additional staff or to provide redundancy if your primary administrator is unavailable.

  1. Log into CDM+ as a user with permission to administer Engage/WMT credentials
  2. Go to Program Membership Individual Records
  3. Find or create an individual record for your administrator
  4. Ensure you are in View mode (do not click Change)
  5. If the option to Create Account appears under Online Credentials:
    1. Click Create Account
    2. Enter a username
    3. Select an email address to receive a password reset email
  6. Click Change next to the credentials
  7. Select Administrator for the role
  8. Click OK

See Online Credentials for more information about working with Engage credentials and roles.

Administrators have full access to Engage setup, transaction administration, and more. Ensure only authorized individuals are granted administrator access.

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