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Updating and Editing Giving Unit Codes

Two different Giving Unit Codes can be maintained for each giver – the current Giving Code and the Pending Code. If you need to assign new envelope numbers for all giving units or for a segment of them, you can use the Giving Unit Field Maintenance window.  This feature allows you to quickly accomplish this task.  The Pending Code column allows you to make the changes you want to see in the coming year without changing the current codes you are using.  

Open Giving Unit Field Maintenance

Program > Contributions > Giving Unit Field Maintenance


Add and Process new Codes

  1. Do a search for a specific group of Giving Units or click the Show All button to see all active Giving Units.
  2. Once you have the names in the window you can make the changes needed to this Giving Unit Record.  You can also mark them inactive here if needed as well as change any of the other fields you see in this window.
  3. When you are ready to move all the pending codes to the current ones, click the Copy to Current button on the top right.  This will replace the current codes with those you put in the pending code column. 

  4. When the process is complete, click the save button on the bottom right.
  • You do not need to update ALL Giving Unit Codes at the same time. If a giver’s number hasn’t changed, leave the Pending Code field blank.
  • CDM+ requires unique Giving Unit Codes, so if you mistakenly attempt to assign the same code to multiple records, CDM+ will open an error resolution box, identifying the problems and allowing you to correct them.
  • If you only need to change a few givers' codes, make those changes directly in the Giving Unit Code field on the Giving Unit Information window.
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