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Merging Duplicate Records in CDM+

This is a step-by-step process for merging duplicate Address, Individual, and Giving Unit Records in CDM+. We will begin by merging the duplicate Giving Unit Records, then move to cleaning up the Online Credentials so only one Individual Record has them. Finally, we will merge Individual Records, and delete Address Records.

Merging Giving Unit Records

The first step in removing duplicate records is to merge Giving Unit Records.

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Open Giving Unit Records

  1. Program → Contributions → Giving Unit Records
  2. Find the duplicate records. A search for Last Name equal to Hawk’ brings up the two duplicate Giving Unit Records.

Select Both Giving Unit Records

  1. Select one Giving Unit Record
    Hold down the Control key for windows, or Command key for macOS, and click the second record. If there are more than two, you can select all the records you wish to merge.
  2. Click Merge in the lefthand sidebar

  3. To set your destination record, click and drag the record to the box with the dotted lines on the right.

Select Data for the Final Record

Fields highlighted in blue will be in the final record. We want Paul as the Giving Unit Salutation Name in the final record, so click the field from the HAWK1267 record. This highlights the field in blue.

When the final record is set, click Next.

If there is associated data to be merged, then it will be displayed in this window.

  1. Click Merge in the bottom right to continue.

  2. A prompt to proceed will pop up. Click Yes.

  3. Wait for the merging process to finish.

The Giving Unit Records are now merged.

If you have multiple individual records with online credentials

There may be times when the multiple individual records may have Online Credentials. To merge individual records, only ONE of the individual records can have Online Credentials. Therefore, you must decide which credentials you want to remove, then go through the following process. 

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  1. Open Individual Records and search for Last Name begins with Hawk
  2. Check both records for Online Credentials

    Paul Hawkins indicated he wanted to keep the username Paulh, so the terryh1961 username needs clearing.

  3. In the lower right of the window, click Clear for username terryh1961

  4. Click Yes

  5. The individual record will now show only Create Account

Merging Individual Records

Now that we have removed the duplicate online credentials, we can merge the individual records.

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  1. Open Individual Records and find Last Name equal to 'Hawkins,' then select both of the Hawkins records.
  2. Click Merge.

  3. The Merge Individual Records window will appear. Drag and drop the Paul Hawkins record onto the dotted lined rectangle, then click Next.

  4. The data for the final record must be selected.

    There are four columns:

    1. Field: lists the fields that have different values between records.

    2. Final Record: shows the values the merged record will display.

    3. Paul Hawkins: shows the values for Paul Hawkins

    4. John Hawkins: shows the values for John Hawkins

    In columns three and four, select the desired data for column two (Final Record) by clicking the field to highlight it in blue. All fields highlighted in blue will be in the final record.

  5. Click Next

  6. The data to be merged will be displayed. This example shows attendance, check-in, connection, individual customer link, other phone numbers/emails, and user fields will be merged. Click Merge.

  7. A popup will appear. Click Yes.

Now there is only one Individual Record, and it is for Paul Hawkins.

Delete the Address Record

The duplicate Giving Unit and IndividuaI Records are deleted so the last step is to delete the Address Record(s) that no longer have Giving Unit or Individual Records associated with them.

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Merging Address Records is not yet available.

  1. Open Address Records and search for Last Name equal to Hawkins.
  2. Select the record to delete
  3. Go through each of the tabs, making note of data that you will need to manually transfer to the Paul Hawkins record

    Prior to deleting John Hawkins' address record, make sure you have captured any needed data so you can enter it into Paul Hawkins' address record.

  4. Click Delete

This completes the process for merging duplicate records.

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