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Membership and Attendance In Administration

These system-wide preferences affect the CDM+ Membership program and the Attendance, Preaching Aids, and Media Ministry sub-programs.


This pane allows you to rename some of the default fields used in Address and Individual records, including fields for Visitors. To change a term, highlight it in the Your Term column and type whatever you want. Click Save when finished.


You have the option to set defaults for several fields on Address and Visitor Records.

Do not enter anything in the Country field unless you routinely include your country name in addresses. If you have anything in the Country field, it will print when you produce mailing labels.


Here you can specify which Individual, Class, and Visitor codes will be included in Attendance lists, as well as an option to auto-load the specified lists. Your List Sort preference can be set also. 

Worship Sch.

The preferences set on this pane allow you to rename to fields on the Preaching Aids Worship Schedule record window and report.


On this pane, you can choose how you want to save a record of sent Letter and Card notices, if at all.

This will only affect Notices sent from Membership and Attendance.

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