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Configuring a Firewall/Security Software for CDM+

Aggressive antivirus and security software can block CDM+ during installation and when connecting to its database.

Required Access

CDM+ needs access to the following resources to function properly:


  • Ability to elevate as an administrator during software installation
  • Ability to run vbscripts WINDOWS ONLY

Public internet

  • 443 OUTGOING
  • 9566 OUTGOING

Local within the same host

  • 5898 LISTENING
  • 6102 (node application) LISTENING
  • Various local ports over 32,000 for communication sockets OUTGOING LISTENING


If you encounter issues installing CDM+ or connecting to your database, try temporarily disabling your antivirus solution:

  1. McAfee - disable the antivirus protection per these steps; disable the firewall protection per these steps
  2. Norton - steps here
  3. AVG - steps here
  4. Webroot - steps here
  5. Kaspersky - steps here

Once you've successfully installed CDM+ and connected to your database, re-enable your security software. If launching/connectivity issue re-appear, this indicates your security software should be configured to allow access by CDM+. Consult your security software's product documentation.


If you encounter issues connecting to your data, you may have a firewall blocking access. This could be a software firewall on your computer, or a network-level firewall.

See the list of Required access above for required network ports and access.

On Windows, the CDM+ installer will allow rules for CDM+ to enable outgoing traffic. In the event this fails, you can try disabling the Windows firewall to determine if this system is blocking access. 

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