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Text Giving Fees

CDM+ Text Giving requires an extra fee to register and verify the phone number that used to receive and send text messages.

There are two types of phone numbers available with different fees:










These fees cover the cost of registering the phone number and your use with phone carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.).

There is no additional charge per message sent or received to create a text gift regardless of phone number type.

Toll-free Numbers

A toll free number begins with:

  • 800

  • 833

  • 844

  • 855

  • 866

  • 877

  • 880

  • 888

Toll-free numbers are recommended as they are the most cost-effective.

Local Number

A local number will use an area code and exchange located in your region.

An example is 859-251-5236, where 859 is the area code for central Kentucky, and 251 is an exchange for the city of Versailles.

These numbers are more expensive to register, but may be preferred if you want to connect your giving to your local community.


Several steps must be completed before you will be able to accept text giving:

  • Complete the Text Giving Enrollment form available on the Forms page

  • Submit payment for the setup fee or pro-rated annual fee (if applicable)

  • Await registration of your number

  • Configure text giving in CDM+ (this can occur while you await registration)


Setup fee

If you are ordering a local number we will charge the setup fee upon order.

Payment must be received before we will order your number and begin the process to register it.

Monthly fee

If you pay monthly, your next monthly payment will increase by the monthly amount.

Annual fee

If you pay annually, we will charge the the monthly amount pro-rated to your next renewal.

Payment must be received before we will order your number and begin the process to register it.

Your next renewal will include one year's worth of monthly charges.

There are no refunds if you cancel your account and have already pre-paid for a year of text giving.


Both toll-fee and local numbers require a registration process before text messages can be reliably sent and received. Suran will register your number and traffic on your behalf, but there will be a delay while our providers complete registration.

Registration can take some time, even up to a number of weeks. We will keep you posted with updated registration timeframes as our provider informs us of progress.


Complete the Text Giving Cancellation form on the Forms page.

We will reply to confirm your cancellation, and your text giving service will become inoperable shortly thereafter.

Cancelling and Re-enrolling

If you cancel text giving and later re-enroll, you will likely receive a new text giving number upon re-enrollment.

If you re-enroll a local number, the setup fee will be due with each re-enrollment.

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