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Organization Directory

The Organization Directory helps visitors locate your Engage account if they don't have a direct link to your Engage.

Accessing the Directory

Go to You will see:

  • Recently visited organizations
  • A search feature to find your organization

Recently Visited

Engage accounts you've recently visited appear at the top. This will help visitors locate your Engage account if they've previously visited it but have lost the direct link.

Upload a logo on your Organization settings to help visitors locate your organization's Engage account. 

Find Your Organization

You can search for organizations by name, city, state, or URL.

Hiding Your Organization

If you do not want your organization to appear in the search results, access your Organization settings and disable the setting List my organization when searching for organizations on

If a visitor has accessed your engage account it will still appear under Recently Visited even if the organization is not listed in search results.

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