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Minister Information Transmitted

In addition to information on the DOC Minister tab, submitting ministerial changes draws other individual information.

Church Position

Regions are free to define church positions in a way that matches their norms and patterns. Because the ministry positions in the General database, though, are prescribed by GCOM, each region needs to map its church positions to those in the General database. 

Change Submission looks at the Church tab of the minister's Individual Record for positions that have been mapped in System Preferences. It compares the church (based on PIN), position, and begin date to determine whether there is a matching position in the General database. If a matching entry is not found in the General database, the position is submitted as new. Otherwise, the end dates are compared to see if this should be submitted as a change.

Contact Information

Change Submission compares the address information between the Regional and General databases. In the Regional database, if the Address Override has been selected on the Individual Record, that address is used for comparison. Otherwise the current address from the Address Record is used.

Change Submission also compares phone numbers and email addresses. Regions are free to define phone types and email types, as is DHM. The mapping of these types occurs when processing the submitted changes.

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