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DOC Minister

Individual Records in CDM+ Regional for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) contain a tab labelled DOC Minister. Information contained on this tab relates to the selected minister's ministerial standing. The connection between the minister's Individual Record in the regional database and the minister's record in the Ministers Directory database is established by the Minister PIN field on this tab.

Information on the DOC Minister tab is only available if the Minister box is checked on the Name tab of the Individual Record. If this box is unchecked, the DOC Minister tab will display the message Minister Information Only.

The DOC Minister tab brings together information for a minister in the Regional database with information for that minister in the General database. Information in the data section of the DOC Minister tab is presented in two halves. The left half contains data in the Regional database. This information can be edited by the region.

The right half contains information from the Ministers Directory database. A region cannot edit information from the General database, but they can transmit changes to be processed at Disciples Home Missions.

A region can only view the General database information and can only submit changes for ministers with oversight in that region. So a region may have an Individual Record for a minister in another region, and they may have the Minister box checked so that DOC Minister information is available. They may even have the Minister PIN entered correctly. They cannot, however, see Ministers Directory information for any minister under the oversight of any other region.

If a minister does not have oversight in that region, the General (right) side will display the message No information available.

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