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CDM+ 11.1.0 Beta 1

Released on May 07, 2020


CDM+ 11.1.0 Beta 1.9124
Download for macOS
289 MB

CDM+ 11.1.0 Beta 1.9124
Download for Windows
353 MB

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements


  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra DEPRECATED
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave SUPPORTED
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina SUPPORTED
  • macOS 11 Big Sur SUPPORTED


CDM+ 11.1 WILL NOT RUN on 32-bit Windows operating systems (x86). Ensure ALL clients that will run CDM+ 11.1 meet these system requirements.

  • Windows 7 x64 DEPRECATED
  • Windows 8.1 x64 DEPRECATED
  • Windows 10 x64 SUPPORTED
  • Windows Server 2008r2 x64 DEPRECATED
  • Windows Server 2012 x64 DEPRECATED
  • Windows Server 2016 x64 DEPRECATED
  • Windows Sever 2019 x64 SUPPORTED

Deprecated Operating Systems

Operating systems marked as DEPRECATED will not be available in a future version of CDM+. Read more about CDM+ 12.0 Coming Fall 2021.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

CDM+ 11.1 Highlights

Please see What's new in CDM+ 11.1.

Changed and removed features

Georgia State Income Tax Withholding

CDM+ 11.1 includes a correction tax calculations for Georgia State Income Tax. Previously the standard deduction was mis-calculated at $4,600.00 for the year for those filing as Married. CDM+ 11.1 uses the the correct deduction of $3,000.00 for the year for persons marked as Married Filing separate Return. These deductions are defined in Table E on page 42 of the Employer Tax Guide. Because of this mis-calculation, it's possible employee state income tax for 2020 has been under-withheld. We recommend review YTD withholdings and, where necessary, add additional state tax withholding to catch up employees to avoid owing any state taxes when filing 2020 returns.

FTP Sync (Self-Hosted Clients)

The FTP sync feature has been removed from automatic backups for self-hosted clients. A file sync feature is not specific to Suran's software and can be accomplished using a number of 3rd party tools. 

Multiple Credits and Debits to the Same Asset on a Single Ledger Entry 

In CDM+ 11.1, all credits and debits to assets with the same account number are combined into a single item on the bank reconciliation. This behavior has been present in previous releases for Advanced Fund Accounting, but is now present for all clients regardless of the Advanced Fund Accounting setting. This change allows the Bank Reconciliation window to function predictably when multiple asset accounts share the same number and Advanced Fund Accounting is not enabled—a rare, but legitimate configuration.

This change assumes a ledger entry represents at most a single financial transaction per bank account. If you are accustomed to entering multiple deposits and withdrawals to and from a single bank account on a single ledger entry, CDM+ 11.1 will no longer allow you to clear that activity as independent debits and credits. Instead, enter a separate ledger entry for each financial transaction to your bank account. If you have routine bank activity you enter, such as 3rd party payroll, consider using Recurring Ledger Entries to optimize this process.

This change can also cause an undesired impact if you use the same account number on multiple assets to designate separate bank accounts in the chart of accounts. In this situation, re-number your chart of accounts to use a distinct account number for each asset representing a distinct bank account.

Issues resolved in CDM+ 11.1.0 Beta 1


  • CDM-7274 Bug - Validation for invalid pay period ranges isn't showing


  • CDM-7411 Bug - Error saving account balances when tabbing out of the grid
  • CDM-7472 Bug - Income and Expense report shows too much detail

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-7235 Bug - Cannot add payments to accrued invoices with payments
  • CDM-7321 Bug - Payee field does not highlight in AP Invoices when using the Vendor select box
  • CDM-7349 Bug - Marking negative invoices to pay does not distribute payment amounts correctly
  • CDM-7528 Bug - Typo on Vendor find fields
  • CDM-2759 Story - Ability to view invoices after they've been paid and posted
  • CDM-7080 Story - Add a Source to accounts payable invoices
  • CDM-7176 Story - Ability to enter staff email addresses for mobile receipts
  • CDM-7317 Story - Add an account column to mark invoices to pay
  • CDM-7318 Story - When posting credit card payments, prefix description lines with credit card vendor code
  • CDM-7440 Story - Post auto-draw and credit card payments with their due date

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-7232 Bug - Attempting to generate AR Statements without any invoices will result in a warning about invalid dates
  • CDM-7240 Bug - Tooltip for Customers button on Accounting toolbar says "StringTable.$gettext("TableNames.core_CustomerPlural")" instead of "Customers"
  • CDM-7300 Bug - AR Aging report is not showing the right balance
  • CDM-7480 Bug - Accounts Receivable Invoices window does not tab properly
  • CDM-6819 Story - Enhance the Customer lookup smart field to use a "contains" based search
  • CDM-7302 Story - Optimize updating and deleting AR invoices and payments


  • CDM-7262 Bug - Attendance records are not archived when archiving Visitor Address Records


  • CDM-7361 Bug - Attendance Summary does not load dates when using the Selected date option
  • CDM-7387 Bug - Clicking the 'Setup Address and Individual in Membership' button causes SQL Error


  • CDM-7491 Story - Standardize hardcoded URLs

COG Regional

  • CDM-7309 Bug - COG Church Directory - physical address not included
  • CDM-7238 Story - Enhance COG posting routines with error handling

Change Sets

  • CDM-7082 Story - Allow copying notes from the changeset window
  • CDM-7091 Story - Add the minister PIN and login email to changeset notifications

Chart of Accounts

  • CDM-7222 Bug - Cannot leave the sub-category blank on Chart of Accounts

Congregational Profile

  • CDM-7272 Story - Change columns in sac.congregational_profile to be numbers if they hold large monetary values


  • CDM-7637 Bug - Can't remove connection


  • CDM-7156 Bug - Multiples of the same giving units are showing on Actual vs Pledge report
  • CDM-7255 Bug - Batch Contribution Setup prompts you to save after warning you that you cannot save
  • CDM-7355 Bug - New payment types in Batch Contributions do not get saved
  • CDM-7369 Bug - Some contributions that were used to generate Canadian Receipts can be modified
  • CDM-7451 Bug - Online Giving tab remains available even when user is disconnected from an individual record
  • CDM-7460 Bug - Email Notes cannot be selected and used in Contributions Email Notice report
  • CDM-7508 Bug - Actual vs. Pledge report double lines on composite
  • CDM-7360 Story - Prevent Contributions that have been used to generate a Canadian Receipt from being transferred
  • CDM-7410 Story - An error is thrown when updating the Church ID on a Contribution Entry that has been used to generate a Canadian Receipt

DOC Ministers

  • CDM-7418 Bug - Cannot update 'Other Work Location' in DOC General database
  • CDM-3441 Story - Allow finding against DOC ethnic codes using a list
  • CDM-5938 Story - Append comments when applying change sets to the history tab
  • CDM-5940 Story - Add a death date to DOC minister records
  • CDM-6355 Story - Display all historical references on the reference tabs
  • CDM-7345 Story - Expand the DOC Minister Gender field
  • CDM-7346 Story - Remove the statistics report in DOC General

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • CDM-7164 Bug - Individual Fields are not merging in Ministry Position Email report
  • CDM-7221 Bug - The user is allowed to enter an email address for an Individual that has none in Committee Members
  • CDM-7326 Bug - Ministry Position Sent Notice Records are not being created in DOC Regional
  • CDM-7493 Bug - Ministry Position Records window is showing duplicate tabs

Data Import

  • CDM-7152 Bug - Old Data Import not importing into GivingNote field

Database Browser

  • CDM-7476 Bug - Only the first database server is edited when attempting to modify a Database Server setup in Choose Database Server
  • CDM-7477 Bug - Cannot change a hosting database server setup to a local setup in Choose Database Server
  • CDM-7243 Story - Enable multi-select in the "Choose Database Server" window

Database Integrity

  • CDM-7495 Story - Add a cascading delete on fmindividual for engage.pending_sms_gift


  • CDM-7370 Bug - donoremail on donor guid record is not updated when selecting primary email in engage
  • CDM-7392 Story - Don't allow engage.pending_sms_gift to have giving_fund_id of 0
  • CDM-7393 Story - Add a cascade delete to fcgivingfund for engage.pending_sms_gift
  • CDM-7500 Story - Include sms_giving_number when transferring or clearing engage credentials

Event Registration

  • CDM-7402 Bug - Event Records window does not check for valid date/time ranges


  • CDM-7223 Bug - Find field interface does not work
  • CDM-7231 Bug - Saved searches do not load for Individual Custom Listing
  • CDM-7276 Bug - Field search window fails to open regularly in Advanced Find window
  • CDM-7347 Bug - The find list does not appear
  • CDM-7348 Bug - In Advanced Find, selecting any user fields as a related record will always load the fields for the current record frame's user fields


  • CDM-7244 Story - Codesign our macOS deployment


  • CDM-7159 Bug - Using Advanced Search only in Income and Expenditures report does not produce any results
  • CDM-7213 Bug - Recurring Entries Posting Report Detail By Reference Number Report is only printing first Reference Number
  • CDM-7217 Bug - Create Ledger Entry From Recurring does not match the order of the Recur Ledger Entry Setup
  • CDM-7288 Bug - Bank Reconciliation window shows the wrong balance when there are multiple accounts with the same number
  • CDM-7291 Bug - Ledger Entry Description in check writing appears on the expense acct but not the asset account
  • CDM-7305 Bug - Opening Deposit Processing window causes SQL Error
  • CDM-7331 Bug - Check Number incrementing unexpectedly when changing back to alpha characters
  • CDM-7439 Bug - Saving changes in Ledger Entries excessively redraws line items
  • CDM-7475 Bug - Ledger Entry amounts do not populate in the Bank Reconciliation window
  • CDM-7479 Bug - Uncleared items on bank rec do not sort correctly after saving

Master Coding System

  • CDM-7085 Bug - Connection types don't show usage


  • CDM-7113 Bug - The Phone Numbers/Email Addresses Report does not print to Excel
  • CDM-7178 Bug - Advanced Search is providing different results between Individual Records window and Individual Custom Listing and Export Report
  • CDM-7190 Bug - Visitation Records do not update to the new Address Record when an individual is moved from one Address Record to another
  • CDM-7484 Bug - Pastoral records date
  • CDM-7487 Bug - Phone numbers and email addresses do not print on labels or badges
  • CDM-7489 Bug - Printing Individual Directory takes forever

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-7482 Bug - Cannot provision a device for mobile receipts only
  • CDM-7077 Story - Add the account number when selecting auto-draw assets for mobile receipts


  • CDM-4461 Bug - Logging in with toolbars, but having CDM in background will not show toolbars


  • CDM-7408 Bug - Sending an email copied from Word produces malformed HTML


  • CDM-5450 Bug - Scrolling on a macOS computer is extremely sluggish
  • CDM-7354 Story - Screen xcomp


  • CDM-6044 Bug - Oregon payroll taxes not calculating correctly.
  • CDM-7241 Bug - Social Security number does not show correctly formatted in Employee Records window
  • CDM-7251 Bug - Typo on payroll check selection window
  • CDM-7278 Bug - Viewing Problematic Employees from Post Payroll window causes a SQL Error
  • CDM-7365 Bug - SS Number and Employee ID radio buttons can be toggled when Payroll Setup is not in change mode
  • CDM-7366 Bug - Pay Item Summary report does not print Employee names when Report Option is set to 'Page by Employee'
  • CDM-1440 Story - Update Massachusetts payroll tax to correctly handle Head of Household filing status
  • CDM-1446 Story - Expand the tax calculations to handle employee withholding codes for Connecticut
  • CDM-2305 Story - Enhance the state withholding calculations for Illinois to handle the different types of allowances that Illinois allows
  • CDM-2310 Story - Enhance the state withholding calculations for Indiana to handle the different types of allowances that Indiana allows
  • CDM-2316 Story - Improve how Minnesota tax calculations use allowances
  • CDM-2340 Story - Create State Specific Tax Withholding Method For Utah
  • CDM-3854 Story - Update tax calculations to use correct pay frequency factor for daily/misc income
  • CDM-6075 Story - Enhance Colorado Tax Calculations to Limit the Number of Allowance Deductions an Employee Can Receive
  • CDM-7281 Story - Merge CDM+ and DBPayroll Employee setup tabs
  • CDM-7334 Story - Enhance Colorado tax calculations to support new calculation method for 2020 W-4
  • CDM-7422 Story - Optimize setting up payroll direct deposit payments when preparing for transmit


  • CDM-7375 Bug - Change Set icon in System Preferences of DOC General is not visible

Record Frame

  • CDM-7246 Bug - Nav buttons on tab bar do not have previous features.
  • CDM-7257 Bug - Record frame windows can be resized in such a way that the find and results sections are not visible
  • CDM-7261 Bug - Time-based smart-fields do not set values for columns on a record correctly
  • CDM-7295 Bug - Text can get slightly cut off on the Event Records window
  • CDM-7301 Bug - Column headers on the grid have formatting issues
  • CDM-7486 Bug - Record Frame Sidebar will sometimes not load any options
  • CDM-7353 Story - Optimize loading records
  • CDM-7426 Story - Prevent de-selecting a record on a record frame


  • CDM-7388 Bug - Church fields merged into a Church Email notice does not display field contents

Report Frame

  • CDM-7293 Bug - Attendance Summary report says "No matching records found." when repeating the same advanced search multiple times
  • CDM-7307 Bug - Format option on Custom Listing/Exports has a default tooltip


  • CDM-7340 Bug - Extra effect appears on event banners
  • CDM-7391 Bug - Banners for day-long events that recur daily are displayed like day-long events that last multiple days
  • CDM-7468 Bug - Day-long, multi-day events that recur daily appear as one multi-day event
  • CDM-7559 Bug - Events with multiple rooms show multiple times on the calendar

Sales Orders

  • CDM-7245 Bug - User has access to Sales Orders from the Welcome to CDM+ window when they should not

Search and Call

  • CDM-7143 Bug - The city and state for the church is printed on Minister Master Info report instead of minister city/state
  • CDM-7220 Story - Change sync_minister_with_profile to only be for published profiles
  • CDM-7488 Story - Add a cascading delete on sac2013.profile for sac2013.demographics

Search and Call Regional

  • CDM-7228 Bug - Individual name can be changed on the Ministry Position record Committee Members tab

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-7433 Story - Add universal fk validation to fgstewardshiptechnologiestransaction

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-7396 Story - Xcomp screen change notification


  • CDM-7225 Bug - CDM+ crashes when updating
  • CDM-7316 Bug - Updating a 9.1r18 database to 11.1 produces an error
  • CDM-7398 Bug - Reorganizing databases can throw an error due to old archive columns

User Fields

  • CDM-7180 Bug - When creating an advanced search for User Defined Fields, the resulting search on a window does not include the name of the field.


  • CDM-7511 Story - Hide the Reconcile Transactions (Demo) special function if not user 9566 or dev
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