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Process Pending Contributions

When a gift is given as a guest the gift is saved in CDM+ as a pending contribution. You will need to link the pending contribution to a giving unit and create a normal contribution record for that gift. Until this process is complete the guest gift will not appear on a giver's statement or in your contribution reports.

The process to create a contribution from a guest gift is called Process Pending Contributions.


CDM+ users will need the Process Pending Gifts permission.

  1. Go to File Administration
  2. Select the user
  3. Scroll down to Contributions
  4. Check Process Pending Gifts
  5. Save

Processing Pending Contributions

Go to Program Contributions Process Pending Contributions.

The Process Pending Gifts window displays all single gift online contributions that have not been processed. Gifts made through the Giver Portal do not show up in Process Pending Gifts; those gifts are credited directly to the giver's Giving Unit Record. There are three status options for processing gifts.

  1. No Giving Unit Selected (red dot)
  2. Giving Unit Selected (yellow dot)
  3. Ready to Process (green dot)

Initially, all gifts will either be the first or second option. CDM+ will attempt to match an incoming gift to an existing Giving Unit record in CDM+. If it can, that gift will have a yellow dot. If it cannot, the gift will have a red dot.

When you select a gift that CDM+ cannot easily identify the source (red dot), you can either select a Giving Unit or create a new one. Selecting an existing Giving Unit is the same as in Contributions Entry—either type in part of the name or click on the List button. Once the gift is tied to a Giving Unit, it will be marked with a yellow dot.

CDM+ displays the Pending Giver (which is the information entered by the giver online), the pending gift(s) designation and any special instructions that were entered online on the right side of this window.

Only those gifts that you have marked as Ready for Processing (green dot) will be processed when you click the Save button. To Mark for Processing, highlight a gift and either press Cmd-K (Mac) or Ctrl-K (Windows) on the keyboard or click the Mark for Processing button on the top of the window.

When gift is Marked for Processing and saved, the contribution becomes part of the giver's giving record. All gifts processed from this window can be viewed from the Contribution Records window.

The Deposit Date and Asset fields are blank. This information will automatically be supplied when the Deposit Processing functions are completed. CDM+ has marked the source of this contribution as Online Giving. Users can generate any standard Contribution report using this source. This allows for easy understanding of the giving patterns and source of online contributions.

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