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Giving Codes for Loose Offering and Non-Member or Visitor Gifts

Create one or more catch-all Giving Units to account for loose offerings, contributions by non-members, anonymous gifts, donations made by visitors, and more. In the example below, we've made them easily recognizable by starting with the letter Z in the "last name" and Giving Unit fields.

Programs > Contributions > Giving Unit Records

Click the Add button.
Complete the Last Name field in the Giver’s Name section, leaving the Mailing and Salutation fields blank. In this example, we've used ZZZZ Various.
Check the Does Not Receive Statement checkbox.
Complete the Current field in the Giving Unit Codes section. Here, we've used ZLOOSE for loose offerings. 

Click Select Address to create or choose an address record for the Giving Unit. You may create multiple Giving Units for various sources of offerings which are not tied to individuals in your database (ie, Loose Offerings, Visitor Giving, Anonymous Online Gifts). Use the Select Address button to link them all to this Address Record, or you may create separate Address Records for each type of donation. Just be sure to assign the address record a Mailing Code such as "do not print" which would not be included in regular mailings or directory printings, and check the box for "Does Not Receive Statement."

Leave all other fields blank.

For Visitor or Non-Member gifts where you know the name of the donor, use the Entry Memo field on the Batch Contributions Entry window to record the name of the giver. Later, if that person or family continues to attend and contribute, you may wish to create a Giving Unit for the individual/household and transfer past contributions to the new record.

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