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Multiple-Page Tools

A Web Tool with multiple pages may have many tabs across the top of the Designer. In addition to a tab for Theme, it will have a tab for each of its pages. If it is a multiple-page tool with a Launcher, there will also be a Launcher tab.

A tool may have optional pages that you can choose to display or not, depending on how you set the tool's Custom Options.

Changing the design of an element that appears on multiple pages

If you want to change the design of an element on any of the pages of a tool, first click the tab for that page and then select the element. The tool preview and element properties list will adjust accordingly. Click off Use Theme Value for whatever you want to change (background color, for example), make your change(s) and click Save. It is not necessary to save your changes after styling each page; you may save changes to all pages at the same time.

With and without a launcher

Multiple-page tools come in two forms: Ones with a launcher page and ones without a launcher page.

Tools with a launcher page, such as the Giving Tool, have links or buttons that open a popup window that contains the other pages of the tool. 

Tools without a launcher page will display all of their pages in the same area without using a popup window. An example of this tool is the Stats Tool when the prompt for date range option is turned on.

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