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Temporary folder

Suran's desktop applications will sometime use temporary folder to store files that are then deleted. This folder is called Suran and located in the operating system's standard temporary folder.

Operating SystemFolder Location
Windows Vista and later%LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp
Windows XP%APPDATA%\Temp

There are two types of temporary files.

Persistent temporary files will be directly under the Suran folder and survive a restart of the desktop application. These will be used for installing application updates or other process that need to survive the application restarting.

Standard temporary files will be placed in a folder under Suran that is unique to that application instance. When the application is cleanly terminated, these files will be deleted. The folder for each application instance will be named with the application name and a random number, such as CDM+0000508 or DonorWorks0045729.

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