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The Search controls which records are displayed on the report. There are Standard and Advanced Search options, accessible by clicking the tabs at the top of the window.  

If a report is opened by printing from a record window, a Window Results option will be available to print the window's results. 

Standard Search

The options under Standard Search will vary from report to report. Some reports have sub-tabs to access other panes. However, reports that are accessing the same record type will have identical or nearly identical Standard Search options.

For example, two reports that include information from the Address Records will both have a Groups tab with a drop list to select a group and checkboxes to select codes within that group.

In addition, both will have a Newsletter/Directory tab where you make selections based on the Newsletter/Directory check boxes on the Address Records and Visitors Records windows.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option on the Report Setup windows in CDM+ allows you to further fine-tune your report contents. 

Click on the Configure Advanced Search button to open the Advanced Find window. This window is the same as the Advanced Find window accessed by clicking on the Advanced Find button on data entry windows. See Advanced Find/Search for documentation on how to configure an advanced find.

The Advanced Search tab will also offer one or all of the following options to combine the standard and advanced searches.

  • Match the Advanced Search only: The report will only display results matching the advanced search.
  • Match the Advanced and Standard Searches: The report will display results that match both the standard AND the advanced search.
  • Match the Advanced Search, Standard Search, or both: The report will display results that match either the standard search OR the advanced search.

Some reports require a standard search, so only Match the Advanced and Standard Searches will be available.

The advanced search will only be used if it the Advanced Search option is selected when generating the report.

Window Results

This option is available when printing a report from a record frame. Choose Window Results to print the records you selected on the record frame window. The Standard and Advanced searches are ignored when printing Window Results.

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