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Saving Sent Notices

You can save sent Letter and Card Notices for future reference. These notices are available from these programs:

  • Address and Individual records under Membership and Attendance
  • Giving Unit, Contributions, Pledge, and Memorial Gifts Given under Contributions
  • Registration and Activity under Event Registration
  • Church and Church Position under Regional

To demonstrate, we are going to enable this feature for Membership and Attendance.

Go to CDM+ Preferences CDM+ System Membership and Attendance Notice on macOS or File Preferences CDM+ System Membership and Attendance Notice on Windows. You will see three options for each of the notices sent from the program: Do Not Save, Save Always, and Prompt to Save. Make your selection for each item and click Save.

Once you click Save Always or Prompt to Save for any of the items, the notices will appear under the Notices tab on the record window.

By default, all email notices are saved. This default doesn't turn off.

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