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How to Verify a Sending Domain

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If you use Suran's SMTP Hosting service (available for free to anyone using hosting) you must verify your sending domain to ensure deliverability.

Per the requirements set forth by our SMTP provider, SMTP2GO, verifying your sending domain is required to ensure your emails are delivered successfully. Read more about how verifying a sending domain adds SPF and DKIM verification to emails sent from your domain on our provides website:

Verifying a sending domain has three steps:

  1. Contact CDM+ Support to request your verification settings
  2. Configure your DNS provider with the verification settings
  3. Contact CDM+ Support to confirm your verification settings are valid

What is a sending domain?

The sending domain is the part of your sending (from) email address following the at-symbol. For example, the sending domain for the email is

You provide your sending domain when requesting SMTP hosting in CDM+.

Step 1: Request Verification Settings

Verification settings are a set of DNS records that prove you own your sending domain. These entries are specific to your domain and must be obtained from CDM+ Support.

These DNS entries follow this form:

CNAMESpecific to your
CNAMESpecific to your
CNAMESpecific to your

To request your settings:

  1. Email
  2. Provide your organization's name and location
  3. Provide your sending domain
  4. Request your SMTP verification DNS settings
  5. Support will reply with your DNS settings and, if available, your DNS provider

Step 2: Configure Verification Settings

You will need access to configure the DNS records for your domain. Often, but not always, the company providing your web and/or email hosting also administers your DNS records. CDM+ Support may be able to identify your provider and will include this information with the verification settings.

Our SMTP provider, SMTP2GO, has a useful set of guides for how to configure DNS for a number of providers.

Follow the guide specific to your provider or otherwise configure your DNS with the provided verification settings.

Step 3: Confirm Verification Settings

Reply to CDM+ Support and ask for your verification settings to be confirmed. We'll confirm that your domain appears verified with SMTP2GO or detail which settings are not quite right.

Once you've confirmed your settings you can rest easy knowing your emails will be successfully delivered.

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