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How to access hidden files in the user's home folder

Suran's applications store various files in the user's home folder, such as logs, settings, working copies of the program, embedded software, and more. This guide will help you access these folders on various operating systems.


On macOS, files are often store in the user's Library folder. This folder is hidden by default in the Finder and requires special steps to access. 

There is a Library folder on the root level of the boot volume as well. This document is specific to the folder inside the user's home folder.

  1. Switch to the macOS Finder
  2. Hold down the option key on the keyboard
  3. Click the Go menu
  4. Select Library

  5.  A new Finder window will open showing the user's Library folder


  1. Click the Start button
  2. Type %LOCALAPPDATA% and press enter
  3. A new Explorer window will open showing the user's local appdata folder
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