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Sales Order Records

Sales Orders represent the sale of one or more inventory items to a customer. Selling an item reduces its quantity on hand in Inventory Records. Sales Orders are linked to customers defined in Account Receivable.

Adding a Sales Order

Go to Program Sales Orders Sales Order Records.

Click Add in the sidebar and complete each section.

Sales Order

  1. Select a customer from the Customer List which is linked to Accounts Receivable
  2. Enter the Order Date
  3. OPTIONAL Enter a Standard Discount that will apply to the whole order

Sales Order Line Items

  1. Type in the name of the Inventory Item, and then press Tab on your keyboard
  2. Enter Quantity
  3. OPTIONAL Enter an Adjustment - If you want to adjust the price of this item, choose an appropriate selection and enter a corresponding amount:

    Click to expand...
    • Discount - Standard - Applies the standard discount, if set, to this item; if no discount was set, the price will not change
    • Discount - Line Item - Apply a discount to this line item only; enter the discount percentage as the amount
    • Flat - Enter a flat per-item amount
    • None - Force the base unit price, even if there is a standard discount on the order; amount is unused
  4. OPTIONAL Enter notes in Memo - Click the magnifying glass icon to open an extended entry window and type a memo to appear with this line item

You can add multiple inventory items to a single sales order, even adding the same item multiple times to track split discounts or separate notes. Just click Add Sales Order Line Item.
You have the ability to enter a negative amount when making flat adjustments.


  1. Select or enter a new payment method
  2. Enter a Check Number, last 4 digits of a credit/debit card, or other payment related notes
  3. Enter the payment amount

You can enter multiple payments to represent split payments; e.g. between cash and a gift card.

Payment methods are shared with Contributions and are tracked under File Master Coding System Codes All Payment Methods.


  1. OPTIONAL Select the sales tax to apply to this order; if selected, the total sales tax will appear
  2. OPTIONAL Select a shipping method and enter the corresponding amount; shipping methods are managed under File Master Coding System Codes Shipping Category Shipping Category

Complete adding the record

Click Save in the sidebar.

Printing the Sales Order

When saving, you will be prompted to print a Sales Order Report. This is a handy way to generate a receipt at the time of purchase.

If you want to print immediately:

  1. When prompted, click Yes
  2. Select from Screen, Printer, or PDF
  3. Click OK

If you wish to print later, or want to print more than one:

  1. Set a search for Sales Orders
  2. Select the order(s)
  3. Click Print in the sidebar
  4. Select one of the report options
  5. Click OK

A report window will open, and you can immediately print it. If you wish to modify it and need help knowing how to run a report, see Sales Order Reports.

The Sales Order Report will print the customer’s address and a shipping address. By default, these will both display the address from the customer record. If the shipping address is different, un-check Same as Customer and enter a new address.

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