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2021 SAAS Plan Changes

The following information applies to clients with a SAAS license. See 2021 Traditional Plan Changes if you have a traditional licenses.

What is changing?

  • We are introducing 4 new plans for SAAS licenses
  • All SAAS plans now include Engage
  • Everyone is either gaining new features or saving money

Why are you changing these plans?

Suran aims to achieve a number of goals with these changes:

  • Offer better value (more features for less money)
  • Attract new clients
  • Increase competition in our market, especially for smaller organizations
  • Provide access to more services without needing to consider the buy-up cost
  • Implement a price increase to reflect recent enhancements
  • Fund new development and services

What are the new plans?

  • NEW CDM+ Grow 1
  • NEW CDM+ Grow 2
  • NEW CDM+ Core
  • CDM+ Choice (previously just CDM+ SAAS)
  • NEW CDM+ Complete

What do the new plans replace?

  • Shared Hosting
  • Engage Standard
  • Engage Payroll
  • Engage Complete
  • Engage Complete (Additional Account)

There are dozens of different combinations of these plans in use today. The combinations will be reduced to the options listed above.

What do the plans cost and include?

Most plans have a base price that provides 1 program and 1 concurrent user license, then a separate price to add additional users, licenses, and organizations.

All pricing is listed monthly.

CDM+ Essentials

CDM+ StarterCDM+ Grow 1CDM+ Grow 2CDM+ Core

CDM+ Choice

CDM+ Complete
Base Price (1 program, 1 user)$25$25$50$75$100$50$175
Per additional program$50 for Accountingn/a$25$25$25$25n/a
Per additional user$5$5$5$5$5
Per additional organizationn/an/a$15$15$15$15$15
Help Center Support(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Unlimited Email and Phone Support(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Mobile and EngageEngage Only(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
  • Essentials (Contributions + Registration)
  • (Optional) Accounting/Payroll
  • Membership
  • Contributions
  • Membership
  • Contributions
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • Membership
  • Contributions
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • Membership
  • Contributions
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • (can add more)
Max Individual Records5075100
Max Giving Unit Records255075

Includes 1 hour per program per year


Includes 1 hour per program per year


Includes 1 hour per program per year


Includes 1 hour per program per year


Includes 1 hour per program per year


Includes 1 hour per program per year


Includes 1 hour per program per year

What are the available programs?

  • Membership/Attendance
  • Contributions
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • Event Registration
  • Roommate Facilities Manager
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Sales Orders
  • Regional
  • Essentials (limited version of Contributions and Event Registration)

How do user licenses work?

CDM+ Desktop uses a concurrent license model. You can install CDM+ on as many computers as you need, but only a certain number of users may use the program concurrently (unless you are on CDM+ Essentials or our unlimited Complete plan).

When the maximum number of users are logged in, the next login attempt will notify you that you’ve reached this maximum. Ask another client to log out or increase your licenses to bypass this message.

There is no limit to the number of Engage or CDM+ Mobile users, concurrent or otherwise.

How do per-user costs work?

  • There is no up-front cost for additional concurrent users.
  • For all plans except CDM+ Essentials and CDM+ Complete each user is $5/month.
  • CDM+ Essentials and CDM+ Complete include unlimited users.
  • Licenses can be dropped and added at any time.

How do per-organization costs work?

Additional organization licenses are not available for the CDM+ Essentials and CDM+ Starter plans. Each organization must enroll in its own CDM+ plan.

Organizations with distinct Federal Employee ID Numbers (FEINs) that share administrative staff can enroll all organizations under a single plan. Examples of these organizations include:

  • A cluster of churches that share administrative staff
  • A church with attached childcare that has its own FEIN
  • An organization whose staff administer a separate foundation or ministry with their own FEIN

Each additional organization adds $15/month to their plan. All organizations have access to the full set of features and the programs owned by the parent. Each additional organization can have their own merchant account.

There is a maximum of $30/month for additional organizations (unless the additional organization adds its own merchant account; see below for How do additional merchant accounts work?):

  • 1 additional organization: $15/month
  • 2 additional organizations: $30/month
  • 3 additional organizations: $30/month
  • 4+ additional organizations: $30/month

How do additional merchant accounts work?

A separate merchant account for giving/payments can be added to an account for an additional $15/month. This will result in a separate/account database. There is no limit to the number of additional merchant accounts that can be added, and there is no limit to the $15/month cost for each organization.

The following combinations constitute one (1) merchant account:

  • Giving/Payments only
  • Payroll only
  • Giving/Payments + Payroll

It is advised to use a single merchant account and separate income using CDM+ Accounting instead of creating separate merchant accounts.

What are the transaction fees?

  • $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% (Visa/MasterCard/Discover)
  • $0.30 per transaction plus 3.5% (American Express).
  • $0.30 per transaction plus 0.8% (eCheck/ACH)
  • $1.00 per batch plus $0.30 for each employee bank account (Payroll Direct Deposit)

Some clients may be eligible for special Flat ACH transaction fee pricing. Contact our sales team for more information.

Flat ACH pricing...
  • $0.50 per transaction plus 3.5% (Visa/MasterCard/DiscoverAmerican Express).
  • $0.50 per transaction (eCheck/ACH)
  • $1.00 per batch plus $0.30 for each employee bank account (Payroll Direct Deposit)

 Are there fees for Text Giving?

Carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) require SMS messages like text giving to come from a registered sender. This registration process incurs additional fees, which are passed along to your organization.

Visit Text Giving Fees to learn more.

What is CDM+ Essentials?

CDM+ Essentials focuses on fund raising for non-profits and faith-based organizations. CDM+ Essentials provides selected features from full CDM+ to offer essential online fundraising, events, and basic donor management at a reduced price.

What does CDM+ Essentials include?

  • Donor management with basic contact info
    • Address
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
  • Unlimited giving funds
  • Online giving
    • Card/ACH giving 
    • Single gift
    • Recurring gifts
    • Guest giving
    • Anonymous gift
    • Fee Assist for donors to cover transaction costs
    • QR Codes
    • Customizable giving forms (coming soon)
    • Embeddable giving forms
  • Text Giving that allow for full giving through SMS (once an account is created)
  • Donor portal
    • Manage giving
    • Manage payment methods
    • View historical giving (online and in-person)
    • Expiring payment notifications
  • Dashboard to snapshot large trends (coming soon)
  • Cash/check donations
  • In-kind donations
  • Receipts for online/text gifts
  • Online Giving statements (coming soon)
  • Customizable reports and exports
  • Custom terms and field names
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Event activities to allow tickets, add-ons, discounts, etc.
  • Event capacity tracking
  • Activity capacity tracking
  • Online registration
    • Register one or multiple people at a time
    • Partial payment at time of registration
    • Pay balances due at a later time
    • Customizable forms (one per category; custom terms; requiring notes)
    • QR Codes
    • Embeddable registration links
  • In-person/manual registration
    • Saved alongside online registration
    • Same features as online registration for pay later online, activity registration
  • Fees
    • Per event
    • Per activity
    • Optional processing fee for online registration
  • Customizable reports and exports

What are some features that aren't available in CDM+ Essentials?

  • Robust donor tracking and segmentation
  • Personal and professional connection tracking for development
  • Bulk email and communication features
  • Push notification reminders and donor note tracking
  • Pledging
  • Memorial gift/in honor of gift tracking
  • Comparison reports for analyzing giving history, donor demographic profiles, pledge vs. actual performance
  • Mailing labels, mail merge engine, post cards
  • Print and email giving statements
  • Receipts for in-person gifts
  • Bulk gifts entry
  • Event statistics tracking
  • Query engine for data mining
  • User-defined data and paperless document storage
  • Canadian Receipt generation
  • Check reader integration
  • Native mobile app to view donor information on the go
  • Linking registration to a membership database
  • Customizable name badges
  • Email, letter, and post card follow-up to registrants
  • Tracking camp/youth events with emergency contact information
  • User-defined data and paperless document storage for release forms, health information, and more
  • Query engine for data mining

What upgrades are available from CDM+ Essentials?

You can add the complete CDM+ Accounting and Payroll package to CDM+ Essentials.

Otherwise, upgrades to the other CDM+ Plans are available to add features like full Contributions or Registration, Membership tracking, Calendars, Child Care, etc.

Contact CDM+ sales for more information.

Is CDM+ Essentials just for non-profit organizations?

CDM+ Essentials is available with both non-profit and faith-based terms. You can further customize the terminology to fit your unique mission.

Does CDM+ Essentials integrate with QuickBooks?

Giving, Event, and Transaction information can be exported from CDM+ Essentials. However, CDM+ Essentials does not offer a specific QuickBooks integration.

We recommend using CDM+ Accounting for true fund accounting and one-click posting of online gifts/payments and fees to the General Ledger (GL). Contact CDM+ sales for more information, including to learn about our free data migration from QuickBooks.

Can I move to CDM+ Essentials?

Yes, but it's possible you will lose access to existing data. The data will not be deleted, but will be unavailable unless you return to full CDM+.

How do the CDM+ Starter and Grow plans work?

CDM+ Starter and CDM+ Grow are a designed to help smaller organizations grow at a price point suited to their budget. These plans include popular programs at a set price:

  • Membership
  • Contributions
  • Accounting and Payroll (Grow 1 and Grow 2 only)

Each level of CDM+ Grow limits the maximum number of Individual records and Giving Unit records that you can enter into CDM+. When you reach the maximum number of records you will be unable to create additional records of that type until you upgrade your plan or delete or archive records of that type.

When archiving records please note each archive database is subject to the record limitation of your plan.

CDM+ Starter and CDM+ Grow include all the same features as CDM+ Choice and CDM+ Complete. The only limitation is the number of Individual and Giving Unit records you can enter.

Can I move to CDM+ Starter or CDM+ Grow?

If CDM+ Starter or CDM+ Grow is cost-effective you can move to CDM+ Starter, CDM+ Grow 1 or CDM+ Grow 2. However, if you have more individual or giving unit records than your new plan allows you will be unable to add new records until you upgrade your plan or you delete/archive excess records.

How does CDM+ Complete work?

CDM+ Complete is a truly unlimited plan. It includes every CDM+ program, service, and an unlimited number of concurrent user licenses.

Can my existing data be imported?

Yes! Our expert data technicians can import data from just about any system. We will work with you each step of the way to ensure no information is lost and that you know exactly where to find your data in CDM+.

This data conversion is offered FREE with new subscriptions that remain active for a minimum of 12 months. Conversion fees will apply if you cancel your subscription within the first 12 months, need additional conversions at a later date (including for an additional organization), or need an especially complex conversion. Contact CDM+ sales for more information.

How do I know what my current plans and configuration are?

In CDM+, go to CDM+ (macOS) or File (Windows) About CDM+ System Information. You can see your programs, user licenses, Engage plan, and license model.

What is the difference between support, training, and consulting?


Training is conduced online via screen-sharing or in-person and is usually arranged in advance to teach staff about the use of CDM+. Training teaches Suran's best practices for how to use our products, but can be adjusted to your specific needs. In short, training answers the question:

How do I perform this task?


Consulting is also conducted via screen-sharing or in person and is often project based. Consulting works directly with your specific situation and data by connecting you to CDM+ experts. These tasks can be small and simple, or large and complex. Consulting answers the request:

Help me achieve this result.


Support can answer the same questions as training and consulting, provided they are on a small scale. Support can also help explain certain program behavior, provide technical assistance with installations, troubleshoot bugs or in general assist you accomplish your work in our software. Support answers the following questions/requests:

How do I perform this task?

Help me achieve this result.

Why does the system behave this way?

What determines if support becomes training or consulting and is therefore billable?

Ultimately Suran's support technicians determine if a support instance should be classified as training or consulting based on the content and length of resolving the issue. However, there are a few guidelines we also follow:

  • Training is often explicitly arranged for new staff or product purchases and designated as "training" in advance
  • Large-scale assistance with Accounting or Payroll issues tend to because consulting, usually based on the scope of the work
  • Phone calls that exceed 30 minutes in length

As soon as a support technician determines an issue should be classified as consulting or training, we will communicate that designation to you to negotiate agreement of training/consulting and to arrange payment (including use of bundled training/consulting hours with your plan).

Is there still a 50% discount for Church Plants?

No. Church Plants are encouraged to choose a CDM+ Grow plan.

What happened to the Engage Plans?

In September 2020 we announced three Engage Plans:

  • Engage Standard
  • Engage Payroll
  • Engage Complete

All three plans have been combined and there are no longer 3 levels of Engage. All Engage features—including online giving, billing, and payroll direct deposit—are now included in every SAAS plan.

What happened to the extra $60/year payroll support fee?

We've merged the payroll support fee into these new plans.

Am I required to be on a software plan?

You will need an active plan to access your data in CDM+ and use CDM+ services like Mobile and Engage. If you no longer want to access these services you can obtain a CSV data dump.

How do I cancel my plan?

Contact CDM+ Sales to arrange cancellation and schedule a data dump as described above.

When will pricing these new plans go into effect?

  • Your next payment beginning April 2021
  • You can transition to a different plan at any time
  • SAAS users are locked into their purchase price for 2 years; you will transition to the new rates after this period if you are still within the first two years UNLESS you change your configuration at which time you will transition to a current plan

When will I receive the benefits of these new plans?

Immediately! Even if your pricing doesn't change for many months you still get access to new features today.

How will I be transitioned to the new plans?

You will receive communication from Suran detailing:

  • Your current plan and configuration
  • Your new plan
  • Your new rate
  • When your new rate goes into effect

Plans will be transitioned as follows:

Current PlanNew PlanNotes
SAASCDM+ Choice or CDM+ CompleteWill move to CDM+ Complete if new price > $175.00
SAAS + EngageCDM+ Choice or CDM+ CompleteWill move to CDM+ Complete if new price > $175.00

If you have shared hosting or additional Engage accounts these will be added to your plan as additional organizations.

What if I want to transition to a different plan?

Simply contact sales to notify us you want to move to a different plan with your next renewal and we will move you to that plan. Your available features will update to match those of the new plan immediately.

Why is my cost going up?

Not everyone's cost is going up, and anyone with a cost increase is gaining Engage.

We want to make the CDM+ Software an invaluable tool in your ministry. The best way to do this is to provide access to ALL of CDM+, which includes Engage. No matter what your increase is, you will have access to more CDM+ than you did previously.

I can't afford the new pricing. What are my options?

You can consider moving to a CDM+ Grow tier if you meet the record limitation requirements.

We strongly encourage you to consider all your software solutions and the new value these plans add to see if your total cost of ownership is increasing due to these new plans.

Online giving, online directories, payroll direct deposit, and other included features may provide time savings or allow you to eliminate the cost of another software package, thereby reducing your overall expenses of time and money.

If you want to move to a lower tier simply contact our sales department as and we will be happy to facilitate this change.

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